Where to start? There really isn't much to tell. I'm just a simple girl with complex ideas. However, sometimes I have trouble harnessing my ideas and putting them into words. This is why I have never shared my work with anyone. Being the first time ever submitting my poetry for the public to read, I've become a little anxious and excited. I have always thought that my poetry did not have the merit to be read publicly, so please feel free to comment if you read my work. Poetry is not my only interests or hobbies. I enjoy reading, camping, watching movies, going to concerts, listening to music, and being with my friends. I have a BA in History and a minor in Appalachain Studies. I'm inspired by ee cummings, WH Auden, Slyvia Plath, Sara Teasdale, Lawerence Ferlingetthi, and Pablo Neruda.


April Darcy Poems

A Fool

Boy, I can't deny my love.
It is perfectly clear when asked, 'Why? '
I simply reply:
'Somedays it's hard to say,... more »


The pills
taken to ease the ills
of a troubled mind,
and everything... more »

Your Words...

Your words cut straight through me
And, the emotional pain pours out like blood.
I'm crying;
screaming;... more »

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