• A Fool

    Boy, I can't deny my love.
    It is perfectly clear when asked, 'Why? '
    I simply reply:
    'Somedays it's hard to say,... more »

  • Autobiography

    The pills
    taken to ease the ills
    of a troubled mind,
    and everything... more »

  • I Hide My Sadness...

    I hide my sadness and loathing behind these blue eyes.
    Insecurities fill my mind.
    The pain becoming unbearable and the anxiety overwhelming.
    The light has been turned off within my soul,... more »

  • I Stand Here Blazing...

    I stand here blazing.
    My heart afire with love;
    Body alit with passion for only you;
    But you watch me suffer.... more »

  • I'Ve Loved You All Along

    Hold on to me when you feel like letting go.
    I'll hold on to you as long as I live.
    I'll give you my hand
    But, I won't give up.... more »

  • Leave Me...

    Leave me out with the waste.
    I don't belong here anymore.
    This is not my place,
    and this is the wrong time to give into you.... more »

  • Nothing Has Been The Same...

    Nothing has been the same since you left.
    The days, long;
    The nights, eternal;
    And, now, darkness falls heavy upon this heart.... more »

  • Religion Of Love (#2)

    You rode into my Life on a White Horse
    like Christ in Revelations.
    Trumpets Blasting.
    Albeit, I didn't Know that the same Horns... more »

  • Religion Of Love (#3)

    I have cleansed my soul with your sweat,
    I have taken your body into mine like Communion;
    I have drank the wine from your lips;
    And, we have happily trespassed upon each other's hearts.... more »

  • Your Words...

    Your words cut straight through me
    And, the emotional pain pours out like blood.
    I'm crying;
    screaming;... more »