• As The Body Gives Up The Ghost

    The windows dirty
    Cobwebs inhabit a hot spot
    Silent the spider sways
    The breeze from a cracked pane is... more »

  • Blood Poppy

    My tissue has poppy blotches
    Like watercolour
    Dancing in the fibres
    Like some devil spreading ink... more »

  • Greyscale

    The heavy legs that drag across
    A floor of cold, concrete
    Still life... more »

  • Growing Pains

    If the future mimics and averages
    All those who pass before us
    Then i can conclude this experiment... more »

  • I Am Ill

    I am not well today
    The exactness of day causes my eyes to flinch
    The skin I’m suppressed by itches
    I scratch; I claw at the muted flesh... more »

  • Knobbed Knees

    The sky is monotone and it speaks
    In a straight forward tone
    The sunny people’s frowns
    Are hiked up at the corners... more »

  • Love, Blood And Steel

    Steel edge like frost against my skin
    Listening expertly to the metals pleads
    Smiling with satisfaction at a job well done
    And how time momentarily speeds... more »

  • Segregated

    Segregation a phenomenon
    To leave bound to bound empty,
    And hesitant; inhabitants from time to time
    Voyage its vast landscape,... more »

  • Shedding

    The water claims victory
    Of the steeple’s fractures
    And erosion plays havoc
    On its backbone... more »

  • Sos

    The forethoughts are serious contemplation
    And are subjected to so many rumours
    Of the memoirs
    Which seem to haunt and replace the current... more »