• Bestest

    In the beginning it was a rocky start.

    Then I found out that you have a golden heart.... more »

  • Juice

    You have a high-pitched voice whenever you yell my name.

    You always put a smile on my face whenever we play a game.... more »

  • Lies

    You said a lot, and I believed everything that was spoken.
    I have tried so hard not to think about you.
    You have no clue how BAD you hurt me.
    I think about you every day.... more »

  • Never Get

    she sits here waiting
    but for what n other strike?
    she wants out she wants it to be better
    but for who her or for the people in which matter the most to her... more »

  • Never Loved Me Back

    You were that one person I wanted to love to have our fingers intertwined
    to be able to lay next to you and wake up with you right next to me
    to be able to hug you and kiss you but i know that is not gonna happen not
    when you moved on to her... more »

  • Nothing

    she looks out wondering if any thing will be the same yet knowing nothing can go back nothing she does matter any more n either does her life

    so she sits n wonder can she go back to who she once was?... more »

  • One

    there was one
    the one
    the one that you always talked bout
    the one that was supposed to always be there... more »

  • Voice!

    When you walked away I lost everything my life, my heart, and my voice.
    The voice in which was used to help to stop to the laughs.
    But mostly to speak to speak the truth and also to speak lies.... more »

  • You

    you left the day you knew what you did
    you left when you didn't love me anymore
    you said you would have stayed if I cared
    you said you would love me till the end of time... more »