• A Day With No Tomorrow

    Today was a day with no tomorrow
    there were no more rainbows left to borrow
    Fluffy white clouds blackened by storm
    as your princess's anger surfaced and swarmed... more »

  • A Day Without You

    A day without you
    is like a day without air
    I wake up gasping
    knowing you're not there... more »

  • A Destiny Unknown

    I'm dancing in the rain
    stepping in the puddles
    my feet are soaking wet
    the future is muddled... more »

  • A Different Kind Of Abuse

    It is a different kind of abuse
    why do I feel comfort in a victim's role
    In this life, I feel misused
    I yearn to be that princess on a pedestal... more »

  • A Different Kind Of Love

    You say you love me
    but what kind of love is it?
    only for the moments
    love with limits?... more »

  • A Different Tomorrow

    I fall into this deep sorrow
    looking for a different tomorrow
    not a dandelion to wish upon
    I long for a different song... more »

  • A Foodie

    A Foodie

    I want to be foodie
    oh to have new tastes upon my tongue... more »

  • A Little Bit Of Lightning

    fascinating yet frightening
    their love like lightning
    a rolling thunder for sure
    waves crashing on every shore... more »

  • A Place Called "Happy"

    Come my sweet
    back to that place were we've gone before
    where passion is abundant and kisses are galore
    away from life's misery... more »

  • A Taker In Disguise

    A taker in disguise
    his eyes on the prize
    Every task strategically followed
    but echos are heard in a heart of hollow... more »

  • Abandoned

    You've abandoned me
    I am all alone
    in this cold world
    I am left to roam... more »

  • Acid And Akaline

    I am acid
    you are alkaline
    nuetralizing me
    so everything's align... more »

  • Aging

    Eyes that don't see
    makes the world a little more lonely
    It's a battle every day
    to ignore the body's decay... more »

  • Aging Eyes

    Our aging eyes
    cannot see
    our beautiful world in clarity
    our aging eyes... more »

  • Air

    Your love is my air
    I am breathless without you
    cooling me when I'm hot
    warming me when I am not... more »

  • Alone With Insanity

    I often fear to tell you
    that I love you
    I know your feelings
    are not quite the same... more »

  • Antiviral Rain

    Get me out of this solidary confine
    walls, just walls before me
    No, I'm not fine
    I feel like I'm losing my mind... more »

  • Anxiety

    night and day
    comes and goes
    lose my way
    lose control... more »

  • Aqua Flower

    Her pedals are blue
    Her current is deep
    why do I wish at times to put Aqua Flower to sleep?
    Am I frightened of what she would reveal?... more »

  • Arms

    wrapped around
    protecting and comforting
    arms that hug
    makes us feel secure... more »

  • As You Graduate

    Congratulations on this special day!
    after a long and hard run
    You should be proud of all you've done
    It is not as important for others to feel proud... more »

  • Back To You

    I would never hurt you
    not in a million years
    you have no fear my love
    for I will never give you tears... more »

  • Beauty All Around

    Beauty All Around

    I walked along the deserted path
    Silence surrounded me... more »

  • Beauty In Hibernation

    I want so much to feel beautiful again
    When I'm wrapped in your arms,
    I can see a beautiful me
    free from the treacherous seas... more »

  • Because You Love Me

    The sun is brighter
    The clouds are whiter
    Because you love me... more »