• Addiction

    His being surroounds my aura like a cacoon
    and i hope to be wraped in his arms soon
    im addicted to the voice and the feelings i get
    I release the increasing desire like an ocean... more »

  • Apologies To Sorry's

    my sorry's maybe pointless but they are sincere
    you must know my pain when you said what appeared were tears

    And at times it is as if im no were in deserving of your companionship... more »

  • Dreamer

    Last night i was in Paris surfacing the city wonders
    yesterday i found my self in greace roaming its hill tops
    then i ventured off to australia to surf with the australians
    then i did the 'hoola' in hona lulu ALOHA! !... more »

  • Erotic

    The restlessness reflected between you & I
    Our passion's reflected under the moon light sky

    We're together alone like it should be... more »

  • Heart

    my heart bleeds
    make it stop
    my mind reads
    more than tought... more »

  • Heart, We Shall Remember

    Inspired by Emily Dickson, however-heart
    we shall remember-no matter how much-
    we try otherwise-his laugh will haunt us
    always-you shall seek the light-his voice will... more »

  • Hes A Cancer

    im in love wit a cancer and may not even kno it

    his body and mind seems so undefined... more »

  • Letter To Mother

    Dear mom,

    I reminise on times when i was little and your absence was more repeating then my attendance at school and how you failed at bein a parent is how i was failing at simple math and just for the most part i claerly remaember a childhood iof nothing out of the ordinary or nothing that madwe me feel normal i remeber the infactuation a young girl and the love she had for her mother, i was a mother girl with oput a mom, i would of loved to be a daddy's girl but the coward was never there! the many of shirt that read daddy's little girl were only mere fantasys in my book.... more »

  • Peace Of Mind

    ... more »

  • Potiential Thug's Reign

    Baby, my baby
    for you have the heart of a lion
    and your not affraid to let that show... more »

  • Run Away

    Im running from the present

    im running from the past... more »

  • Superman

    ... more »

  • Sweet Georgia Boy

    Simple but expanded love
    im love struck over this goergia boy
    he holds just about every quality of my home
    made prince charming... more »

  • Taking In His Scent

    I love to breath in his scent weather he is laying beside me or

    maybe clutching a shirt he recently wore that smells of him... more »

  • The Emptyness In Me

    Im a girl who got lost in alll seven seas-with
    out hope or sensei let the mere thing that kept
    me going-slip through my fingers-when all you wanted
    was to hold me nd feel the everybit of beauty in my... more »

  • Word 4 Word

    This is dedicated to my love, Rodrick Eshun Powell... more »