Born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Is a writer, poet, yogi, and student. Attends Nevada State College and studies dramatic composition and human biology. Enjoys reading, writing, abstracting, doing research, listen to music, doing yoga and watching movies.


Areese Woodson Poems


As sands meditate smoothly,
Breathing scents of palms,
Glossy rays touch the ocean-
Heavy... more »

A Late Night Symphony

Dew -
Hushed as umbras of indigo, smiling with winking gems.
A mysterious sun touches vines,
Sending their masks to the versing clouds.... more »


Storm clouds brush across a puddle,
Masking patterns from galleries.
Sighs of thunder drum in winds,
As rain illustrates verses coursing through the standing spirits of mirages,... more »

Areese Woodson Quotes

I reached for the sun this semester and landed upon a cloud touched by it as I got through my first semester of college.
Areese Woodson

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