• A Late Drive

    A small tree -
    Lonely in the desert
    Stands out on the moving portrait.... more »

  • A Late Night Symphony

    Dew -
    Hushed as umbras of indigo, smiling with winking gems.
    A mysterious sun touches vines,
    Sending their masks to the versing clouds.... more »

  • A Liberating Time Of Year

    The fiery air barnstormed away.
    Flowing -
    Is a gust of wind tangling in treetops.... more »

  • Bedtime

    Clear as the words in a rain drop,
    Quiet as a flower in the winter,
    Muffled blows of dim clouds gathering,... more »

  • Black Mother

    Dear Black Mother

    I know -... more »

  • Caged Bird

    Gentle cottoned brushes,
    A wink of bold shine;
    In one eye paints Earth a shade of singing purple-orange.
    Across the other, are warm writings of verses,... more »

  • Diamond

    Storm clouds brush across a puddle,
    Masking patterns from galleries.
    Sighs of thunder drum in winds,
    As rain illustrates verses coursing through the standing spirits of mirages,... more »

  • Earth

    Cloudless face
    Resembling an auroral portrait
    She smiles... more »

  • Eclipsed Trail

    Clouds were windows
    And day looked through each.
    Dew shaded brushes buff the backgrounds of trees.
    Floret bloomed on winter -... more »

  • From Boy To Girl, From Girl To Boy

    The Immaculateness of the bronze in your eyes eldulcorates the shadiness in mine.
    Each of your eye lashes is a ravishing poem prolonging pages with knowledge.
    Your head is the moonlight illuminating the stories in each of your locks in the midst of a resting day.
    The lambent color of your smile is the light that wakens the day.... more »

  • Fruit In A Bowl

    'The cafe welcomed any and every anonymous poet.
    You'll get an exclusive view of the mountains -
    It'll be as if your eyes painted them themselves.'... more »

  • Hairs/ Mountains

    Day are these woman...
    Mountains latched together.

    My sister is the first -... more »

  • Him

    Storm clouds gather,
    And sheath the mountains.
    Gloomy shades paint the aura
    And flow through the weeds,... more »

  • Lost Stories

    A screaming current,
    With eyes tasting the ground;
    That's me.
    Hands strangling bars of frozen mist;... more »

  • Mirror

    Somber and swollen -
    The dew peers down through hurting eyes.
    Tears run down the clear canvas.
    Splotches rest on streets.... more »

  • Mug

    Stars made over the Earth with shade with shade.
    Their steady eyes rest on her portrait.
    She smiles as a queen holding a life in her arms;
    Flowing as a newborn poet.... more »

  • Next Fall

    Purple and orange hues watching over, smile with the breeze.
    Radiant rivers shift forms.
    Water colored snow glaze the leaves across the clear canvas.... more »

  • Our Stroll

    The blistering daylight star -
    Starting days -
    Walks to the other side of the Earth.
    Dusk to dawn came to ourside;... more »

  • Shore

    As sands meditate smoothly,
    Breathing scents of palms,
    Glossy rays touch the ocean-
    Heavy... more »

  • Sleeping Baby

    Tenebrous clouds gather,
    Enveloping the sky.
    Immersed in his rest,
    So buried within the dream,... more »

  • Suicide

    An enigmatic painter coats a vast cerulean.
    Perhaps a book -
    Sheets sheathing words like cadaverous bodies,
    Mirroring the dead sun's illusion.... more »

  • When They Came For Me

    I remember hearing the blustering roars of lions,
    The electrifying laughs of hyenas,
    Seeing strapping runs of cheetahs,
    Watching sand swoop in the air,... more »

  • Wind

    The only thing cancer let him take control of was his mind.

    On another part of Earth...
    As the sun started to dilute in a seamless fusion-... more »