• Do You

    Do you like me?
    i like you
    i like you in everyway possible
    i like when my heart skips beats when i think of you... more »

  • Her

    I saw her.
    Her beauty.
    Her grace.
    I saw the time we first kissed, the first time we cryed.... more »

  • How I Feel

    When you know they deserve better.
    When you know that you're willing to do anything for them to see them smile since it hurts you when they dont.
    When thinking about being with them forever doesnt scare you.
    When knowing that you can die at anytime and know they feel the same makes dying less frightful.... more »

  • My Love

    As you look down upon me

    And i look up to you... more »

  • Why?

    With seas of blood,

    And land blackened with smoke and fire,... more »

  • Without You

    Everyday without your presence is a pain
    I cannot feel you there
    I cannot hold you here
    Everyday without your love... more »

  • You

    She is the poison that courses my veins.
    The very thought of her fills me with anguish.
    I try to forget about her, yet every time I do,
    she comes back stronger.... more »