• A Child's Lost Treasure

    Shiny gold penny
    Nineteen-thirty-one, year grandma was born
    My life of memories in this one cent,
    But my penny is priceless... more »

  • An Animal For The Day

    If I could be an animal for the day,
    And sweep away the stress of the busy human way,

    I might decide to be a graceful horse.... more »

  • Cardboard Box

    When I was young, I lived in a box
    It was like any other home...
    there were rules to follow
    and we all ate at the table during dinner.... more »

  • Dreams And Jesus

    Into the midst, lies a flame of untold glories....
    Just breathe...
    Just breathe, and the night will go away.... more »

  • Dreams Of The Night

    When I lay myself to sleep at night,
    Sometimes the questioning things that I see
    through the depths of my mind
    May seem just not quite right.... more »

  • Finding Home

    She awoke just a few moments after sunrise.
    Feeling the wetness of morning dew sticking to her face
    After a long sleep upon the cold grassy ground.... more »

  • Life Carries On

    Time is unlimited.
    I don't know how long I'll keep breathing.
    Or how long my heart will continue beating.
    But I know that my soul will carry on.... more »

  • Madness

    My lips are sealed stale dry,
    Eyes are dazed thousands of times over,
    That I've forgotten what it's like to cry.... more »

  • Mask

    She sees her face in the mirror.
    A face unknown to herself,
    But lights up the rest of the world.
    She tries to remember the last time,... more »

  • Mindless Puddles

    'Stopping in midthought to take a break. Those sweet temptations...

    That bitter-sweet tempting taste of a reality not so real.... more »

  • Nighttime Blues

    Tonight, Lord, I say a prayer to you.
    Before I lay my head down to sleep.
    While I try to promise to myself,
    That I dare not weep.... more »

  • Saying Goodbye After A Sweet Sunset

    Down by the sandy and excluded beach, I witness an alive and glowing sunset.

    Shielding my burning eyes from its blinding rays, I lean down on bended knee,... more »

  • Spirit And Flesh

    Inside a deep sleep was she.
    Bound within a deafening silence,
    only to be awakened to the horror
    that now was bestowed upon her.... more »

  • The Lord Won'T Let Me Sleep

    I’m so tired...
    I could use a cup of coffee to get me wired-
    With lots of caffeine and perhaps a bite of chocolate or two-
    You know what I mean...... more »

  • Through The Trees

    Through the trees,
    There’s a world beyond you and me…
    Up above through the clouds and past the sun,
    And home beyond the farthest galaxies.... more »

  • Visitor Of The Night

    Within hours after midnight,
    a storm arose from the cloudy skies.
    She sat up in her chair,
    awakened, unable to sleep... more »