• Dreams

    Dreams can be beautiful.

    But they can also be dangerous.... more »

  • Everytime

    Every time I hear his voice.
    Every time I see his face.
    Every time I feel his hand.
    Everytime It kills me.... more »

  • He

    He walks up gradually but complete.
    He knows what is in your heart.
    He knows that you love another.
    He sees the pain in your eyes science the other left.... more »

  • He Should Have Known

    He should have known./
    Should have known that he would break her./... more »

  • Him

    He sits there waiting.
    so quit and safe.
    eyes wandering lifelessly.
    longing to be awake.... more »

  • Is It So Bad?

    Is it so horrible that I can't feel?
    That i cant open up to anyone anymore?
    why is it that I feel that everything i do is wrong?
    I have hurt so many friends and so many people that i cant remember why i bother trying.... more »

  • Something Small

    We are both intangled in strange relationships./
    We are both wrong at times and yet refuse to let ourselves see that./
    We both cling to someone who needs use more then we need them./
    We both long for something that is just to far off in the distance./... more »

  • What Is Thiss

    what is this feeling?
    my stomach is turning...
    my face is burning..
    my heart is pounding in its cage.... more »