• ! ! ! ! ! !

    You come into my old decrepit life
    you found out things no one else knew
    You found out why im so bitter and cruel
    as much as you made me do you want to know why I die inside... more »

  • ~%&*#@$%~

    My dear sweet friend you have a big and beautiful heart
    im so happy you gave me part of it
    Thank you for taking the time to let me tell you about myself
    Thank you for making our connection deep... more »

  • 4 Yrs. And Something Better

    Slowly into the night you come here to me
    You see the happy look on my face and you come and sit with me
    You tell me you love me and all I can say is okay
    You look at me and say should I go away... more »

  • Afriad To Love You

    Im afraid to love you because an unhealthy past
    the memories are there but the scars are the ones that last
    I wish my outcome would change
    trying to love you jsut aint the same... more »

  • Did You Know

    Did you know I had dreams of being me
    then the person I front to be
    Did you know I had a life outside this world
    or that i'm not your average girl... more »

  • Fresh Air

    So many nights fill with tears of anger and agression
    so many days with the same bland expression
    Finding release in the pain that I could cause myself
    believing in nothing else... more »

  • Getting Help

    Today I called you and wanted to know what you meant
    all you want to know is how it started
    So now that you know what happened you know im not addicted
    i just wanted you to know the feeling... more »

  • I Chose

    Why when I talk people don't lsiten
    but yet they think they know me
    Why when I close my eyes to block out the world no one seems to notice
    but yet they think they see me... more »

  • I Never

    I never thought I needed you until my thoughts got grim
    I never thought I could love you until I looked within
    I denied these certain feelings until I was half past dead
    Now I cant push these thoughts out my freaking head... more »

  • I Still

    I still love you even though you did me dirty
    I seem to still care even though you hurt me
    I still think about you when I should be moving on
    i still feel you even though you're gone... more »

  • I Think Of You

    When I wake up in the morning I smell the dew
    And all I do is think of you
    I think about the times you make me glad to see your face
    How your voice sings like an angel with such grace... more »

  • I Thought

    You sat there and told me you liked me, but now it seems like a game
    everytime I see you, you act like you forgot my name
    And when I find away for us to be together you seem to slip on down to where you say you dont want to be mine again
    That one night is all I have to remeeber you by... more »

  • Leave! Stop It! (Guns Click)

    When i dont be a bother, youre there egging me on
    when i want to talk you dont want to see my face, you leave me alone
    When i try to be a burden you wont let me
    when im trying to swim around you, you catch me and pull me under... more »

  • Letter

    The only words I have to say I write down in this letter
    hoping that it would make me feel better
    The only visions of good I only see in my mind
    on the outside is only bad times... more »

  • Life's Worth

    I wonder how a life would be if you cherished every moment
    I wonder how a life would be spent just knowing
    the ecaxt date when youre going to die
    would you take back some of if the things you did on a certain day... more »

  • Not To Cut Again

    Give me a reason not to cut again
    when this is all i feel within
    only this pain I found
    everytime I stand up I hit the ground... more »

  • Out The Venue

    Trying to find something positive to say about myself
    I have to stop living on the shelf
    I have to rip out of that destitute casing and live for me
    not for my memories... more »

  • The End

    The end is just some words you put at the end of a story
    but in this my person is coming to and end
    The end has me confused, lost in a forest of blindness, weakness and inferiorness
    On a destitute island of hope... more »

  • Thoughts

    Deep thoughts racing out of my mind as I climb into bed
    Just dont know why this is bouncing through my head
    I cant see why i'm thinking about some stuff right now
    but its driving me insane and I feel like sreaming loud... more »

  • Thunderous Passion

    The sounds of the thunder against my window
    i'm sitting here thinking of you
    The melodies we amke togther are singing in my ears
    craving your body next to me I slowly drift into a dream... more »

  • Untitled

    I can not stress enough the time without you I spent
    I spent my time with anger that slowly came and went
    Wondering what i could do to feel your heart from despair
    -and to get back to that place where you knew i cared... more »

  • Up Late

    Up late int the middle of the night
    thinking of the arms that hold me tight
    Barely able to sleep because thoughts of you feel my head like caffiene
    and you give me all types of energy... more »

  • Wondering

    1 A.M in the morning and i'm thinking about you for the first time in months
    and im wondering what would have become of us if we were still together
    I am thinking about those moments when I had no common sense and everything came out
    Those moments of love r.k.a moments of lust all those times when we thought ''I love you' meant something... more »

  • You(Things About You)

    The daylight which shows a thousand pictures shines upon your face
    the smoothness of life shows your evervescent grace
    The poems that you write for me shows for me this much [----}
    and makes me light to your touch... more »