• Dream Weaver

    My mind's a master in weaving dreams
    For yards the golden zari flows

    Why is it that when memories come up... more »

  • Friends

    It's a love hate relationship we share.

    I might stick out my leg as you cross,
    Laugh out loud as you trip and fall.... more »

  • Let The Birds Fly

    You say black, I say white
    They are but shades of grey.
    You say left, I say right
    And no one's allowed to stray.... more »

  • The Eternal Traveller

    I am on an eternal journey..

    With the blood in my veins,
    The impulse in my neurons,... more »

  • The Kite And Me

    I tell the kite..
    Go Soar..soar very high
    Don't look down at us earthlings
    Aim for the distant sky... more »