• Abyss Of Amaranthine Depths

    Drowning in the sea of unending human concupiscence,

    Engulfed by the flames of the green eyed Satan`s vehemence,... more »

  • In The Starlight

    I stood by the haze of the night`s soaring mist,

    The haze of dreams, hopes, yet never getting the gist,... more »

  • Prisoner By My Own Right

    I am, but a prisoner, by my own right,

    For my virtue is protected by protectors wielding swords,... more »

  • The Dove With Severed Wings

    Wind, Oh, swift wind, which rushed through her dainty wings,
    Elevated her as she swirled through the skiey mist in rings,
    She chased her dreams, companions of a life, lively
    Her world which was devoid of conspiracy and rivalry,... more »