• Affairs Of The Heart

    I got out your picture today
    The one I keep hidden away
    Once more I smile through the tears
    Has it been that many years, dear?... more »

  • Carried Away

    We're like dandelion seeds floating on the air
    Like tiny ballerina's everywhere
    Dancing to the Summer's Song
    Never caring where we may belong... more »

  • Far Away Friend

    Far away friend
    Tonight as you hold her again
    Do I cross your mind
    Do you go back in time now and then... more »

  • Only A Dream Away

    He sees her around
    All by herself
    His heart starts to pound
    He's under her spell... more »

  • Phantom Lover

    Oh, phantom lover in the dead of night
    You gaze at me with those bedroom eyes
    Your fever melts into my skin
    And wakes my sleeping heart again... more »