• A Good Man

    I loved you
    Far greater than you ever
    Because to be quite honest
    I didn't know how to tell you... more »

  • A Good Man Pt.2

    I stand there
    With the stupidest face
    As her tears keep streaming
    And once again she slaps me... more »

  • Am I With Her?

    You know I get it
    Why women say that
    All men are dogs
    The way we call them bitches... more »

  • Born A Poetic Nigga

    I love Black people
    However, I hate Niggas
    Niggas are always worried about
    I, Me, and Mine... more »

  • Chicken And Beer

    My people are too busy
    Listening to todays 'rap'
    To do anything
    While those like me wonder if it really is rap... more »

  • Cinderlla

    Met prince Charming today
    And I love him

    He knows how to hit just right... more »

  • 'F' Memories

    I lie here inside
    Waking in the nutrients
    And enjoying her taste
    YOu see little do you know... more »

  • Harvey Two Face

    Confusion is from
    What I am spawn
    Because with it in me
    I can't seem to move on I feel as if nothing... more »

  • I Dont Speak French

    Walk up on the most gorgeous
    Vision of beauty I've seen
    That peaks my fetish needs
    Having me crave her knees... more »

  • It Starts With 1

    Possibly the
    Greatest thing in Poetry
    Or so it seemed... more »

  • Something To Worry About

    Round of applause
    Baby make that ass clap
    -CLAP, CLAP-
    Now that I've grasped your attention... more »

  • The Darkness

    I don't remember specifics
    All I know is
    This bright light ahead of me
    Is getting brighter... more »

  • Trek To Heaven

    If heaven were a mile away.....

    I'd make my lifelong goal
    Be a mile long trek
    Because I'm tired of... more »