• 2-Halves Made= Whole

    From where do you pull such words out of Heaven?
    How can you encapsulate the beauty of the whole…?
    Oh, enchanting billows which soothe the mortal soul.
    I soak in the rhapsody, I breathe in your name…... more »

  • A Dance To The End...

    Of all words I’ve heard, yours echoed- like nothing ever could:
    “May I have this dance for all my life; would you dance me to the end of love? ”
    In my aloneness, under the apple tree, I “daydream of all you said” to me…
    Just under that tree, sweet rapture that symphony played, way back when.... more »

  • A Needle In A Hay Hat

    Many search for love~ finding only a needle in the hay
    Billions search for Heaven, it’s not much different that way

    Within the heart of man there’s a tank that only God can fill... more »

  • A Prayer

    I pray you’ll be our sight, and guide us where to go.
    And help us with our time, left here on earth to know...
    Just help us with our heart, when we need your way.
    Lead us to the place, where we’ll know your grace;... more »

  • Accountability, To God, @-The-Top

    Grace period is up for fathers and husbands of late.
    God holds them accountable for the wrongs on their slate.
    The mothers and children will be cut-off from their skirt.
    They’ll no-longer cover God’s little-ones who bashfully jerk.... more »

  • After The Eclipse

    With abhorrence, regretting the synopsis so uncompromised
    Conquest attained, I would love to see that glint in your eyes
    My hateful elegance is usually guarded against my disdain
    You’d have me over in a day but what of 'equalization's frame? '... more »

  • After The Prize

    How to keep your man’s interest, after he’s got the prize.
    Try valuing your common ground will keep you in his eyes.
    And play down all the negatives~ which devalue and defame.
    Build-up all his positives and prize his validation to reign.... more »

  • Aladdin's Ladder

    Jacob dreamt and a ladder came on earth, opening such a door
    We can’t climb without a ladder; try a goal, reasonable, to soar
    You cannot ascend to success dressed in the costume of failure
    Christ’s robe of Righteousness graciously covers to adore... more »

  • All When Good Men Do Nothing

    Strange, how that in valley ball, I always use to win
    Boys would chase me round the school and back again
    But when it came to true-love I’ve been at a disadvantage
    The good men, who did nothing, left it for fools advantage... more »

  • All You Need Is Love

    Love Is All We Need Lyrics... more »

  • Amorous Envelope

    Who’d have thought from one naked kiss
    From the dead of night I’d awake to this
    Messages aren't usually sealed in an amorous way
    Loving and endearing, wow, what more can I say... more »

  • Ancestors Of The House Of Britain

    Joseph of Arimathea was tied into the Royal House of Britain.
    This uncle, of Christ's wife, was a progenitor of royals written.
    Bianca his sister was grandmother to John the Baptist and Christ.
    Though Celts lay claim to the Gail and miracles more than twice.... more »

  • Ancient Isle Of Avalon

    Avalon, Avalon, you enchanting cradle of clusters of hills and secrets galore…
    My history forefather, of Joseph of Arimathea, was England’s spiritual floor.

    Walk me in my wakening dreams, sweet autumn’s view, serenely strong…... more »

  • Angels Hands Tied

    A knot can be tied by angels, what hinders an Angel’s voice?
    Idolatry is~ loves the world more than God’s free-will choice.
    You’ll tie hands of Angels if obstructing God’s written Word.
    Give no voice to fears but Faith; think not His word’s absurd.... more »

  • Apples Don'T Fall Far From The Tree

    I want to tell you of my second Love,
    Of a churchs' impact from heaven above!
    I'd grown up in such a small church.
    Yet small groups can make for gossip, and worse.... more »

  • Arithmetic Minus Six

    I hate six; six is the number of man.
    I hate six, though I love the great “I AM”.
    I hate six, however eight… “Is matchless in style…! ”
    I love the Holy Spirit’s nine-, without man’s guile.... more »

  • Attitude Of Gratitude

    The sum-total of selfishness is met when we're self-consumed.
    Still, there are many who give thanks amidst their gloom~.
    We’ve all see a spoilt child who needs correction.
    Things done in God’s name bring a brighter connection.... more »

  • Auckland, New Zealand, By Night

    It's late at night, after a hard day's work.
    The many coloured lights, some distance below,
    Flatters the moon with its twilight of stars...... more »

  • Auras Of Rainbow Description

    Red is nature’s warning, orange brings a lacy alarming
    Yellow is aspects of light and thoughts of it charming
    Green is of growth, a healing colour so invitingly warm
    Blue is of creativity, the darker side of loneliness forlorn... more »

  • Between The Killing And The Loving

    Anything that’s at the top will eventually fall.
    Lusty men and women seek longingly love’s call.
    Many will choose unfaithfulness over gossip, any day.
    Pastors loving appearances have little time to pray.... more »

  • Between The Norm

    Variety much up the spice of life;
    Varied characters of unique styles, of strife.
    There are those who watch it happen,
    Then there are ones wondering what happened.... more »

  • Beyond The X-Factor

    I think that I shall never see again such a wondrous sight
    It wasn't just an ordinary movie for the X-factor had it right
    The magic of such tales, the sadness this lavished captive soul
    Her stories enchantingly renowned, Miss Potter focused my goal... more »

  • Blackbirds Can Dance

    What an easy Spring day watching the garden grow
    Then along comes a blackbird dancing, feet to toe

    You might call it the worm-dance for tucker’s chance... more »

  • Blind Infidelity

    Multiples of betrayals are never shy of an egotistic frame.
    Denials of one’s ‘true intent’ dressed~ as not to shame.
    Wonderings betwixt said ‘bird-in-hand’ or one in a bush.
    Men rally for the chance to chase~, covering well their tush.... more »

  • Boring Yet Illustrious Ancestors

    In History, the Prophetess (Joseph of Arimathea’s dau.) wed two kings…
    Anna (Don Verch Mathonwy) Enygeus” who was also a warrior who’d sing!
    First married “Beli Mawr Heli, Ap Manogan; which 2-of-my line descend.
    She weds also “Brân/ Bron, Ap Llyr Llediaith” of another line to end.... more »