• Love's Rose

    Talk about a Rose picked, laid to rest, an mirrored of a man's test
    And I'll tell you bout the blue Red-rose sheltered by Wisdom's frame
    A Love-rose that Father did call by name... more »

  • Love's Sea Of Bottled Tears

    PowerOfLove and I are about at our wits-end
    Her heart gave out a few times in the night again
    Our great Physician miraculously revived
    We'd be gone if it weren't for Him keeping us alive... more »

  • Loving Dreams Of Neverland

    Peter Pan’s Neverland of Wendy, fairies, and dreams
    What wonders fly neath those magical stars of themes

    What child hasn’t wanted to fly to dreams of adventure... more »

  • Made Without Hands

    The Builder came; I knew not his name, till I let Him in.
    At the age of five, sins were alive, I needed free of sin.
    There were fighting and struggles, and much insecurity.
    I knew there had to be a better land, and help for me.... more »

  • Make Me Your Quilt

    Make me a log-cabin patchwork of variegated colours of gold
    Majestically correlated as a Rainbow Garden for Truth to untold
    Frame each work with angel's delight, unique in every way
    Father (of Creation) it's your handiwork I desire to be, each day... more »

  • Man’s Thought Factory

    In my Thought-factory I have a foreman named Mr. Defeat;
    And one named Triumph-, of which I like to greet.
    Mr. Triumph is always positive-; he gives me reasons why I can-.
    But Mr. Defeat has depreciation thoughts, and is really not my fan.... more »

  • Mask Of Betrayal

    Let's talk about betrayal,
    Let's talk about a Fool 'who will rail, '
    Let's get to the root of the problem:
    'Teachers, of the Golden-Rule, ' whose lives betray and rob'em.... more »

  • Men, Who Love, Perfect And Not

    Men who love perfectly “and not, ”
    Reflect love, in what, “they think they’ve got! ”
    No one-sided fondness does “philia denote…, ”
    But friendships, with benevolence, doth gloat!... more »

  • Mindsets Disconnect 4-Creativity

    Creative genius draws upon purity of perception void of stereotypes.
    As Savants see the world as it really is, not bound by mindset hypes.
    The brain can turn=off from the crowd to preform creatively.
    More than half of savants are autistics; what’s vital sense or sensibility?... more »

  • Miracles, I'Ve Seen...

    Holy Spirit laughter, sweep across each one like a wave
    A demoniac, after prayer, 'scream' then cry like a baby saved
    Children dance to the beauty of God's children celebrate
    Father God disarm bullies who were about to stone me with hate... more »

  • Misconceptions Of Low-Wage Workers

    America is no longer the land of opportunity for millions.
    Nor has She face-up to Her outstanding debt of billions.
    Perhaps legalising homosexuals and abortions made God mad?
    One whole state wiped-out, like Katrina; Oh my God, how sad!... more »

  • Missing Gaps Of Love And Myths

    I only knew love as a myth til Christ came to me, the child.
    As selfish young parents, self-absorbed, revealed love’s guile.
    Growing up I conquered most fears but that of Love’s glue.
    Excusing makes one whole; but what of one division by two?... more »

  • Mistletoe And Wine, C-H-R-I-S-T-M-A-S Divine

    I'd love to sing a Christmas song, and make it true for you.
    With lots of words of hopes and dreams, wishes all grand new.
    Some heard angels, that day, baring Bethlehem’s new birth.
    Like: away in that manger Christ brings Peace of Love's mirth.... more »

  • Mommy And Daddy’s Book Of Love

    Long ago, from the book of Love, came Daddy and Mommy’s dream
    The greatest gift, from Father above, “with magical smiles so seen.”
    For on that special day, that you were born, the angels danced all day.
    Family came to give us cards; hearts were merry with Heaven’s sway.... more »

  • Mr. B

    Hello, Mr. B
    You may not know me
    Here’s me wanting to give you a chance
    If business is your cup of tea, there might be romance... more »

  • Mr. Paparazzo Papadopoulos Twist Nonsensically

    Twisters unlike Supercala-fragilistic-expealidocious
    Imagining dreams he was socialistically-unrealistic
    Can you imagine an imaginary menagerie manager
    Or try imagining managing an imaginary menagerie... more »

  • Murder's Cloak Of Mockery

    With dysfunctional affairs of the insecure, they market elusive control.
    Few see behind Murder's cloak and ridicule disrespect to maim the soul.
    Thinking they're above the law, jesting for ill, their mockery to kill.
    Shallow pits of 'unfaithful liars' are promoted with style and thrill.... more »

  • My Love Has Gone...

    My love cannot find me. He has gone to fight the wicked beasts.
    However that may be, I'll wait for him in Beulah’s well at least.

    He calls to me, from my heart, in the gentle light of my quiet day.... more »

  • My Personal Trainer

    Being a conductor is like being a coach, an editor, and a director.
    This is what the Holy Spirit is like, delivering me from detractors.
    Being the best means work, and a good manager plans ahead.
    It’s like praying the answer~, not the problem, by Wisdom led.... more »

  • Myriads Of Angels Around

    Myriads of angels around me each wondrous day
    The God of Commerce is now with me alwasy to stay
    The Lord, my Shepherd, makes me not 'lustfully' want
    He leads me beside still-waters where goodness is taught... more »

  • Mysterious Humorous Antics

    I awakened to the dreary foreboding and whistling of the wind;
    As sighing intervals portrayed “don’t go to work at Denny’s tonight
    ‘Twill surely be their humour antics that will kill thee out right;
    New Zealand’s Harold will cover it all and those here will exclaim:... more »

  • No Discipline No Love

    Love is respect for the needs of others;
    With supportive correction or rebuke to attain.

    For open rebuke is better than hidden love.... more »

  • No Love From My Rear-View Mirror

    Love would just passed me on the street
    He passed me gloating, even at his feet
    I was always waiting for love to come
    Finally I gave-up the need for love’s sum... more »

  • Of Constantine Ii, St. Helena Of The Cross

    This thine ancient legacy bestowed on lone descendant here
    Helena, empress, victor of The Cross and conqueror of fear
    In a time when all was for one and that ruling alliance
    Constantius the first put away your marriage for convenience... more »

  • Oh, Degenerate Man Of Despair

    Leaving the Path of Right, was it worth the battles hell’s shame?
    Imprisoned by your choices to dishonour the goodness of God’s name;
    You sinned against the Light of the Word, grieving the Spirit of Truth.
    Why couldn’t you wait and trust God for a mate? Boaz was given Ruth!... more »