• One Look Will Change Your Life

    In the day you seek Me with your whole heart,
    THAT’S the day that I, the Lord God, will be found…
    I took this challenge, receiving a new-heart profound.
    In varied ways, Christ still walks the streets today...... more »

  • Our Box Of Matches~ Inside

    There are so many kinds of lights and fires, inside and out.
    We’re born with a box of matches inside, without a doubt.

    Matches don’t light themselves, not without fire to seize.... more »

  • Our Match Inside

    There are so many kinds of lights and fires, inside and out.
    We’re born with a box of matches inside, without a doubt.

    Matches don’t light themselves, not without fire to seize.... more »

  • Out Of Sight, Under Carpet

    Wonder just how many need distractions from their plate
    Excuse-ites is a convenient disease not to clear one's slate

    Few contemplate their lot for the circumference of the whole... more »

  • Outside Love’s Circle

    Just outside love’s circle faith becomes marred by fear.
    Souls of Master-Creator are surrendered for a path clear.
    Worry comes from not knowing, yet the Holy Ghost reveals…
    Rightful prayer paves God’s way, avoiding what hate conceals.... more »

  • Owning Fraud's Thieving Infidelity

    Betrayal is never shy of enlivened egotistical games
    Denial of true intent dressed carefully not to shame
    Times questioning between said bird in the hand or bush
    Men rally for the chance to chase, covering well their tush... more »

  • Passion Vs. Patience

    Passion wants it now, any how, and cannot seem to wait.
    'A bird in hand is better than a one in the bush' they freight.
    Patience is wise waiting for the best things and glories in the end.
    Passion has its best things first, but Patience laughs loudest friend.... more »

  • Patchwork Buildings Of Cathedral Square

    Beneath city cubicles of Christchurch there are many wares
    People passing with hardly a glance, to show ones they care
    Come hither sign-posts lavished, for gifts, to lure or try
    All- for one gypsy centre, that seduce the envious to sigh... more »

  • Pausing To Contain

    REALIGNING~ the Rose neath Rainbow’s edge of conglomeration
    DIMENSIONS~ are always changing, a blossoming reflection
    FIRST~ gift, of greatest gifts, received of Heaven
    HELPS~ rather to eliminate the undesirable leaven... more »

  • Pausing To Know God’s Path

    God led me by the cobble-stones byways,
    I could see you down destiny’s pathway-.
    Then Wisdom told me to kindly bow…
    Knowing, sadly, “I’d not time to explain...”... more »

  • Peace, Granted...

    PEACE, be still, from storm-tossed-sea; near the water’s edge.
    Let His Kiss chase your gray clouds away from dangers ledge.
    Please, join in this spot of time; safe in the eye of the hurricane.
    Few Saviours to trust, lest Christ; He‘s vowed to keep us sane.... more »

  • Perfection In Progress For Love

    Oh Thou Agape-Love, unconditional, serene
    Set upon my head for Christ; I know I am redeemed
    A sinner saved by Grace, no less, each day I yield my all
    Needy, trusting, leaning, knowing, prepared before a fall... more »

  • Players Who Love The Chase...

    Some women like ‘the chase, ’ but not Rose Gardena.
    Not very many women get to play, in so-called, man’s arena.
    Hence, men implied, “It’s like the game of poker…,
    They’re not allowed in the game; men see them as a joker! ”... more »

  • Playing With Assumptions

    In a start-up company you basically throw out assumptions
    When one knows a person better- they make presumption

    Are our liberal instincts gone astray, interest fades to fray?... more »

  • Presentation The Epidemic Deception

    God help us, the whole world has become possessed with adherences!
    It’s more than presentation; it’s a prison trap of keeping up appearances.
    Multitudes are buying into the LIE that~ “you are what you possess.”
    Wanting desperately to be loved, lost in the facade for the popular caress.... more »

  • Profiling The Prophet

    Truth’s circumference, in life, is between opposites of the whole.
    In olden times there where 'prophets and seers' as opposites I’m told.
    A prophet is one born, chosen, and destined to “speak” for God alone…
    Positionally speaking, they’re higher than kings, yet oft’ have no throne.... more »

  • Profiling The Prophet-2

    Truth’s circumference, in life, is between opposites of the whole.
    In olden times prophets and seers were opposites, I’m told.
    Prophets are born, chosen, and destined to speak for God alone.
    Fundamentally they are higher than kings with rarely a throne.... more »

  • Radiance Of Resurrection Light

    Outside the cross it's void, till surrendering all to the Son.
    I was delivered from a tomb to bathe in Light of the Holy One.
    God's glory shines on me, so that Gentiles and Kings will come.
    Sheltered under the umbrella, God draws them for victories won.... more »

  • Rainbow Visions

    Fabrics are stacked and drape my arty shelves with flair;
    Rainbow visions displayed as a royal wardrobe there.
    I even have futuristic visions~ as a survivalist very soon.
    I’ll be prepared for anything, even the light of the moon.... more »

  • Redemption's Song

    I once had a dream, or did that dream once have me
    Then I met the Redeemer from Calvary's hill of victory
    I gave him my dreams, confided most things, for each day
    Weathered the change, for Christ's the same, along the way... more »

  • Religion Is...

    Religion is of works that the self-righteous might boast
    It’s not of Faith or even 'Divine Rest' of the Holy Ghost
    Control, with dos and don’ts, a subtle structure of tradition
    So few are willing to lay down their lives and all transgressions... more »

  • Respect, When It Is Due

    To give what you haven’t got is not keen.
    Well, who would do such a ridiculous thing…?
    So, then, I suppose that respect is thus learned…
    Who gave it first, that we appreciate what's earned?... more »

  • Road Rage To The Finish

    Scare-face Dragster had often challenged anyone to a race year round
    Till this stranger named Road-ranger stepped up to the base to confound.
    There were tailgaters and traffic breakers, all sorts at Racegate Village.
    Rebellion was fostered like weeds, so the town was nicknamed Pillage.... more »

  • Rose-Light Full-Bloom

    I searched for Truth, and found the Star
    I searched the ocean near and far
    And found its' pain a bitter pill
    The price: 'to pray for my enemies' still... more »

  • Royal Blood Characterized

    Royal? Yes, you've spent generations talking-down to men
    What with pomp and privilege, you question all~ in the end

    The world is your oyster; born to rule, you master to excel... more »