• A Dream I Had

    In the dream an old man sat beside me and said
    there's not enough money in his bank account.

    I told him not to worry, that I'd deposit some.... more »

  • Abattoir


    Chirping beaks in soft blue light,
    conveyor belts moving en masse.... more »

  • Across The Street

    Walking on cables, touching lights,
    Looking into open trucks,

    The film production equipment is mine.... more »

  • Across The Street 2

    Across the street, I saw you salute
    A member of your crew, Gene Hackman.

    The Harlem crosswalk your red carpet,... more »

  • Anne Frank House

    Peering your window's view
    on the hushed annex floor,
    I reached out to you.... more »

  • Della Francesca

    What faith and what reason
    in your Resurrection of Christ.

    Do you paint a god, Piero —... more »

  • Games

    ''How can you say that? ''
    ''What do you mean? ''

    ''You know what I mean.''... more »

  • G—d

    I am the glass door,
    the blue carpet,
    the bed post,
    the pillow,... more »

  • Haiku


    Moment to moment,
    the present becomes past tense.... more »

  • Nothing

    We argue whether

    and nothingness... more »

  • Ol' Jack

    What a Lousy World It Is
    (What Vermin We've Become)

    When we played guitar ol' Jack,... more »

  • Poem

    Animal urges submerging us
    Our reproductive purpose

    Drowning our senses... more »

  • Sameness

    Recycled words, recycled trash,
    money for the car

    electronic games, Ikea rooms and... more »

  • San Diego

    San Diego hills
    surrounded by hills

    caught in the photo... more »

  • She Died Of Cancer

    I felt no thoughts of paradise subside,
    When she opened her eyes and died.

    When death was evident... more »

  • Waiting

    Trees on my street,
    Branches covered white,

    Your hunger is waiting for its muse..... more »

  • Wiener Prater

    Through tosses and turns
    I see Hauptallee

    There's no greater joy... more »

  • Your Parting E-Mail

    'Tis four twenty on 6 fourteen ought five.
    Just finished a sing-a-long therapy session.

    Did u know that they had music therapists... more »