• I'm Making My Rounds

    I'm making my rounds
    Making my rounds
    Gonna visit
    All my old friends in town... more »

  • I'M Rapping For Peace

    I'm rapping for peace
    You'll be clapping when the war ends
    This is not just another speech
    I want everyone to be friends... more »

  • I'M The Swag

    I hate to brag
    But I'm the swag
    I wave my flag
    Cause I'm the swag... more »

  • In A Perfect World You Would Have Been Mine

    There are many reasons it would not work out
    One of them was my doubt
    Very much it is also true
    I should have reached out more to you... more »

  • In God's Loving Place

    May a friend
    Guide you to the end
    Of all your sorrow
    Sure there are bad times... more »

  • In The Library Mall

    Do you remember Eric Roang's Fruit Stand Or the School of Juggling Rev Jed and Sister Cindy Or local rock band's their songs playing

    In the Mall In the Library Mall That's where I saw it all In the Library Mall... more »

  • It Feels Like Friday

    The weathers so nice
    It feels like Friday
    I want to dance around
    And kick some hay... more »

  • It Was Night

    Once upon a day it was night
    And though it was dark it was bright
    The stars were as dull as flowers
    The moon shined like a fog... more »

  • It Was The Coldest Winter

    It was the coldest winter ever
    And the sun barely shined
    That bitter January day
    When you left me behind... more »

  • It's Another Embarrassing Moment

    It's another embarrassing moment
    You made cookies with baking powder instead of sugar
    It's another embarrassing moment
    Your kid film you for youtube when you were picking your boogers... more »

  • It's Just Another Winter Poem

    It's just another winter poem
    That you may read because you're feeling alone
    Something to do when friends won't phone
    And your hair is messy because you can't find your comb... more »

  • It's Like A Beautiful Rising Sun

    It takes more than a wish to love someone
    You need to do more than think about it or you'll miss out on all the fun
    So you can hope all you want
    You can dream and scheme... more »

  • It's Up To You

    It is what it is
    It ain't what it ain't
    Life can be sad
    But Life can be great... more »

  • I've Got To Keep Going

    I've got to keep going
    I've got to keep growing
    I've got to keep knowing
    I've got to keep showing... more »

  • J'aime Ma Mère

    Il y a des bonbons
    Crème glacée
    Beaux rêves... more »

  • Je Dois Continuer

    Je dois continuer
    Je dois continuer à grandir
    Je dois continuer à savoir
    Je dois continuer à montrer... more »

  • Jesus Christ (To The Music Of Peggy Sue)

    Jesus Christ
    Jesus Christ
    Healed the Blind
    And gave them Sight... more »

  • Jesus Is King

    You may rap and you may sing
    But Jesus is King

    Push your baby in a fancy swing... more »

  • Jesus Is My Saviour

    1.Jesus is my savior
    Jesus is my Lord
    Jesus is the Flavor
    A joy forever more... more »

  • Killing My Tree With His Saw

    I heard he had a good saw
    I heard he like to give trees a trim
    So I watch him at his work
    And skillfully he did begin... more »

  • Left At The Alter

    Left at the alter
    All alone
    He didn't text
    He didn't phone... more »

  • Let Wisdom Guide Your Romance

    Hey all you gals
    And all you guys
    Remember just because someone's pretty
    Don't mean they are wise... more »

  • Let's Pretend We Are In An Old Time Movie

    Let's tap dance tonight
    At the old ballroom by the chandelier light
    The Ghost of Fred Astaire
    might even be there... more »

  • Life Makes Me Smile

    Delightfully life makes you smile
    With little secrets like birds singing
    Snowflakes come on a winter day with a dancing style
    Awesome things fly on the wind like a child in a swing swinging... more »

  • Life Show Me Rainbow

    Too many people important to me, died to write a poem about one individual
    Many days, weeks, years have gone by and I don't know how to describe my feelings of lost
    It's not just the dying but it's the people moving away as well
    Depression and loneliness and eating to replace the cost... more »