Born by mistake on Planet Earth, originally
assigned a more paradisical world in a distant
galaxy. Finding myself here, I made what
adaptations were possible, and have constructed
a reasonable life in which I play music, do
photography (at which I even make some money)
and write all kinds of literature.
My photography has been published in Pop Photo,
Shutterbug, etc and can be found at


Art Rosch Poems

Three Very Brief Poems

The beast of the cosmos staggers,
wounded by the weapon of its own life.... more »

Two Very Early Short Poems

The tree limb
from which the bird has just flown
rocks in the early morning light.... more »

A Jew Talks To God In The Twenty First Century

I’ll be honest, God.
This world is embarassing.
Is this the realm where You rested
on the seventh day and said,... more »

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