• A Jew Talks To God In The Twenty First Century

    I’ll be honest, God.
    This world is embarassing.
    Is this the realm where You rested
    on the seventh day and said,... more »

  • Aish Avidya

    My heart would be completely full,
    but for the tiniest speck of emptiness.
    All my sight of myself
    rushes into that hole,... more »

  • Birds

    There is always one bird
    in the earliest hour of the day
    who raises a song,
    with heartrending joy.... more »

  • Crazy

    If you have asked yourself the question
    “why am I so crazy”?
    the answer is simple.
    You are crazy with grief.... more »

  • Prayer For 2009

    Show me the way, Lord.
    I am always your student.
    I am always in love with you.
    I am always willing to change myself... more »

  • Prophet

    Oh lord, oh lord,
    what has befallen me?
    That which I hoped to make straight
    only becomes more twisted.... more »

  • Six By Seven

    This up still pleasure in center.
    Still this up in pleasure center.
    Center in pleasure still up this.
    Pleasure this up in center still.... more »

  • The New Neighbor

    Everyone is looking at death
    as if it were a new neighbor
    that just bought a house
    down the street.... more »

  • Three Very Brief Poems

    The beast of the cosmos staggers,
    wounded by the weapon of its own life.... more »

  • Two Very Early Short Poems

    The tree limb
    from which the bird has just flown
    rocks in the early morning light.... more »