• A Caterpillar's Dream

    Fear clings to flesh as dew clings to a rose,
    Eyes like shutters slowly open then swiftly close.
    The view of reality thus only prolong,
    As if their hiding will end their song.... more »

  • A Man, Amend, Amen

    Wilted by the weight of time,
    Wrinkles form where once dreams were.
    Prayers cover him blanket his arctic circles,
    Broken and restored by love.... more »

  • A Reason To Be

    The shores are gently or violently massaged by the sea
    That in itself gives it purpose…. a reason to be
    Tall trees with wide branches origins in a tiny seed
    Just that gives it purpose…. a reason to be... more »

  • Begin The Beguine

    Here in this primordial abyss,
    Somewhere in the gripes of pain and bliss,
    My mind has begun the beguine,
    And sentenced me to this cage that I am in.... more »

  • Can'T Get You Off Of My Mind

    I drank seven gallons of cooled holy water
    Turned up the AC as I got hotter and hotter
    Prayed and fasted until my heart was too weak and numb
    Rubbed Ben Gay on my soul until my tongue was dumb... more »

  • Clearly

    Tears flowed like wine,
    On pristine white floors,
    Leaving fresh stains with each new spring.
    Nurse’s hands leave imprints on my shoulders.... more »

  • Complete

    Though alone we stand we are still incomplete
    For there are trophies that we would never compete
    A tear of dew off of the awakening morning plants
    Moisture to cool our comforting firm stance... more »

  • Dawning Of Morn

    The song rings out once again inspiring my soul to sing
    Not a song of pain and glory, but a sweet symphony
    The hard downpour will nurture and reap bright flowers
    Strands of web the wind will break before life sours... more »

  • Days After You Left

    Has a mirage taken over the landscapes of my heart’s topography?
    Or my soul deceived by mirrors or trick photography
    Has my eyesight been hindered by the dark gray clouds in attack
    Or my hearing diminished by the train on my mind’s tracks... more »

  • Embers

    It is so long in the past my mind hardly remembers
    Once a raging fire but with no fuel left now only embers
    Hearts melted from the passion of the flaming heat
    Now the snow has settled each of us in full-fledged retreat... more »

  • Falling In Love (Again)

    Stars above my heart wishes to fall
    Winds from the north no longer wait
    To give love wings to forget the past’s call
    The horrid memories of this absent state... more »

  • Far And Yet So Near

    The sun is well hid behind the mask of clouds
    Earth covered in this sullen gray shroud
    But warmth can be felt that is so dear
    Rays penetrate from so far and yet so near... more »

  • For Iraq I Cry

    Dichotomy of being in the place where life started
    But the ensuing breath of death here leaves me broken hearted
    The sand no longer a golden yellow but now blood red
    No life can be formed from the earth just seeds of the dead... more »

  • Gently I Go Into This Night

    Gently I go into this night with her voice roaming in my head
    My heart seeps out joy where once it bled
    The soothing breeze ushers in my aching mind
    Her words guarantee peace I will soon find... more »

  • Happiness

    I chased happiness through years through tears to this paradise
    But when I got to it I found happiness was elsewhere
    I looked back over the traveled lands that I had learned to despise
    And realized that this elusive joy was all the time right there... more »

  • Happy Hour

    Went to this place that promised happy hour
    But I found myself drowning in this whiskey sour
    I was not gay I was not happy there was no smile on my face
    All hope all cheer all faith had been erased... more »

  • Her Perilous Pearl

    Alone as she felt her heart hardened
    A stone amongst the pebbles in her Japanese garden
    Following the blue bird over the edge of the barbed wire
    The heat in her veins rising higher and higher... more »

  • I Forget.....Not Yet

    It’s Tuesday and her scent is still lingering on my skin
    Intoxicating my mind with hint of bliss deep within
    I turn the corner and think I see her face so I give chase
    I look in the sky though and see the same visions of here every place... more »

  • If I Ever Love Again

    From mind to heart is how it all began
    From the heart to the soul if I ever love again
    Nights of heated passion and empty morns
    Days of frustration and fights being the norm... more »

  • Indecent Proposal

    Shall we propose a toast to our tears?
    For my first proposal only hurt
    Perhaps you were not serious or sincere
    Only a figment of imagination of my heart... more »

  • Juliet

    Your words are food for my soul
    Your hair the solution to my demise
    Your charm makes my heart whole
    Your touch soothes my mind’s eyes... more »

  • Lamentation For Susan

    I lament for Susan for her heart has gone astray
    She invested in fool’s gold and is now bankrupt today
    Her eyes and soul were touched by what seemed to be the real thing
    But now broken and battered can no longer use her God given wings... more »

  • Lesser Summits

    Emotions rise and tears plummet
    Heart in chains sentenced to climb lesser summits
    Mind lost its grip on reality
    Sent all to the ground a hard destiny... more »

  • Love Loves But Loves Not Me

    There are no threads of justice no gifts of glee
    For love loves but loves not me
    A cycle of words a circle of hurt
    A layer of dead seeds planted in my earth... more »

  • Messages In The Sand

    Traced my footsteps to the point where my heart fell
    Waves eat my imprints on the saturated sand
    It still is easy to love you but hard to love you well
    Yet where the water takes my paths is hard to understand... more »