• Ding Dong

    By Rosina Christetti
    Ding dong, Ding dong,
    There goes the Gong,
    Dick, come along,... more »

  • Mathematics

    I've really done enough of sums,
    I've done so very many,
    That now instead of doing sum
    I'd rather not do any.... more »

  • Nonsense Verses

    By Edward Leary.
    There was an old fellow of Peterhouse,
    Who said, "You could not find a neater house
    Than our new Combination-Room... more »

  • Octopus

    By Algernon Charles Sin-Burn
    Strange beauty, eight-limbed and eight-handed,
    Whence camest to dazzle our eyes?
    With thy bosom bespangled and banded... more »

  • The Heathen Pass-Ee

    Which I wish to remark,
    And my language is plain,
    That for plots that are dark... more »

  • The Vulture And The Husbandman

    By Louisa CarolineN.B. -- A Vulture is a rapacious and obscene bird, whichdestroys its prey by plucking it limb from limb with its powerfulbeak and talons.A Husbandman is a man in a low position of life, who supportshimself by the use of the plough. -- (Johnson's Dictionary).
    The rain was raining cheerfully,
    As if it had been May;
    The Senate-House appeared inside... more »