• Altered With Grace

    Tunnel vision into the future
    With flashbacks from the past

    Fine tuning words of literature... more »

  • Angel Love

    Surfing across the sunrise on rays of mercury
    Diving into hot lava springs with flames of fury

    Silencing the roar of lyon's to a whisper quiet... more »

  • Blemished Blue

    As shimmers of a glimmer race through my view
    Reality crashes leaving all in blemished blue

    When winds of shear slice the serene midnight air... more »

  • D'Railed

    Endless prancing in a down pour of rain
    Always hoping to dance in sunshine again

    Try to speak but stutter in a fainted slur... more »

  • Edge Of Existence

    As a dark gloomy night comes to a dreary end
    A promising new day brightly rises to begin

    Feeling hope for a dart into a brand new start
    Mind reasons collapse while drifting all apart... more »

  • Enviornmental Syndrome

    As the roar of thunder comes thrashing through midnight
    My sweet dream fades into a nightmare of ominous fright

    As the strident echos of rumble ricochet inside my head... more »

  • Falling Down

    In a twisted mess scraping and crawling forward
    Feeling every pull on a detour sliding backward

    This striding strength yielding all destruction... more »

  • Future Self Shock

    Blinded past from a blackened out memory
    Peeling the hard surface of new territory
    Exploration into this future is mandatory
    Lost & forgotten dreams are now a boundary... more »

  • Internal Hard Fall

    The degree of my depression
    Becoming an every day session
    One step ahead of the recession
    Spinning into a commitment mission... more »

  • Lonesome Ghoul

    Don't invite me in
    For I'am already here

    Dressed all in sin... more »

  • Love Cherish Love

    If you have a Love
    That feels the same for you
    Cherish this Love
    For you will never be blue... more »

  • Meltdown

    Heart sadly missing joy & cheer
    Mind is drowning in tears of fear

    Visions of a self made destruction... more »

  • Never Surrender

    My thoughts are tangled in a web of dilusion
    For only you can free me from this painful confusion

    I feel that time has forgotten me & there is no tomorrow... more »

  • Out Of Touch

    Slowly losing the desire to get higher
    Coming within reach of the final breach

    Creation of satire for the flaming fire... more »

  • Paralyzed

    Through the sleepless nights of a roaring thunder
    Heart filled raindrops to the ground they pounder
    Winds in spiral blow trees with whistling sounder
    Mind reasons fall in a spill of mounting flounder... more »

  • Passage Through Malice

    Tingling ringing of bells encircle my head
    Callous sounds of disarray awaken the dead

    Lingering lost souls loiter a present past... more »

  • Powerbound

    Inhale everything that surround
    Exhale, & blow it spiraling around

    Absorb all the great sights & sound... more »

  • Sexy Shame

    Rotten right down to the core
    Born in to a whore of no more
    Stunted to a mind of no explore
    Trust in life is twisted & tore... more »

  • Slither

    When I'm not around
    You all put me down

    When I'am too near... more »

  • Tabu

    In the center of a pier flaming of fire
    Alone stands an oracle of beauty & desire

    Love laced aroma between us I sense her heat... more »

  • The Beginning End

    One by one as each and every day becomes the past
    A once vibrant lavish memory fades into the last
    When crucial questions to answer are lost to be ask
    All central lessons for the future will vanish fast... more »