• A Child

    Little wisp of wonderment,
    All the world your doll!
    Hugging it in huge content,
    Little wisp of wonderment;... more »

  • A Pair Of Lovers In The Street

    A PAIR of lovers in the street!
    I dare not mock: with reverence meet
    My unforgetting heart I cheat.... more »

  • A Portrait

    HER glance is equable, serene;
    She looks at life with level brow;
    She strides through circumstance—a queen!
    To compromise she cannot bow—... more »

  • A Question

    AND so in the death-darkened chamber they met,
    The woman that once he had loved and the one he loved yet—
    The wife who had warped his desire and the woman he could not forget.
    They stood by the bier where between them he slept,... more »

  • A Song Of Failure

    HERE is my hand to you, brother,
    You of the ruck who have failed
    I, too, am only another
    Fighter who faltered and quailed.... more »

  • A Spring Sonnet

    Last night beneath the mockery of the moon
    I heard the sudden startled whisperings
    Of wakened birds settling their restless wings;
    The North-east brought his word of gladness, "Soon!"... more »

  • A Woman's Farewell

    SO with this farewell kiss I taste at last
    The all of life; the Future and the Past
    Upon your dear lips dwell.
    Love will not come again, though I implore;... more »

  • A.D. 19—?

    AS in some quiet city bathed in sleep,
    Where like a kiss the twilight lingereth,
    When suddenly the earth stirs far beneath—
    Just moves, then pauses—and a silence deep... more »

  • After Long Years

    “AND have I changed?” she asked, and as she spoke
    The old smile o'er her pale face bravely broke,
    And in her eyes dead worlds of pathos woke.
    Changed? When I knew again the ghost of each... more »

  • Afterwards

    NOW that our pathways sever here,
    And mine slopes down across the night,
    Whence I shall see you burning clear
    A beacon on the mountain-height—... more »

  • And Yet

    THEY drew him from the darkened room,
    Where, swooning in a peace profound,
    Beneath a heavy fragrance drowned
    Her grey form glimmered in the gloom... more »

  • Antagonists

    WHAT though the neutral sea sever us twain?
    In the still night your soul in mine I take;
    Your eyes, hilarious with passion, wake,
    And love's delirium is mine again,... more »

  • Bayswater.W.

    About me leagues of houses lie,
    Above me, grim and straight and high,
    They climb; the terraces lean up
    Like long grey reefs against the sky.... more »

  • Bereft

    FOR nine drear nights my darling has been dead;
    And ah, dear God! I cannot dream of her!
    Now I shall see her always lying white—
    A frozen flower beneath a snow of flowers,... more »

  • Blossom

    A LONE rose in a garden burned—a quivering flame,
    But yesterday blindly from out the bud it came;
    And now an envious wind with itching fingers leant
    And touched its lingering beauty, and the petals went... more »

  • Blossom Of Life

    SO now she lies silent and sweet
    With white flowers at her head and feet,
    And she, the fairest flower, between.
    The bud that with her bosom's swell... more »

  • China 1899

    She lies, a grave disdain all her defence,
    Too imperturbable for scorn. She hears
    Only the murmur of the flowing years
    That thunder slowly on her shores immense... more »

  • Civilisation

    One moment mankind rides the crested wave,
    A moment glorious, beyond recall;
    And then the wave, with slow and massive fall,
    Obliterates the beauty that it gave.... more »

  • Dawn

    Far in the Eastern passage-way a sudden light;
    The stone that blocked the sepulchre is backward rolled;
    And down into the fœtid, stifling vault of Night
    The naked corpse of Dawn is lowered, grey and cold.... more »

  • Epitaph

    The Earth Speaks:
    HUSH! he drowses, drowses deep,
    While my quiet arms I keep
    Close about him in his sleep.... more »

  • Fancies

    From Wellington Terrace.
    WHITE stars above, red stars beneath,
    And o'er the bay the brooding hills:
    No murmur, save a quiet breath... more »

  • Fleet Street

    BENEATH this narrow jostling street,
    Unruffled by the noise of feet,
    Like a slow organ-note I hear
    The pulses of the great world beat.... more »

  • Grey Eyes

    SHE glanced across the path to me,
    Grey eyes!
    Her looks were kisses plain to see.
    I gave her glances back to her—... more »

  • In Hyde Park

    The white mist walks between the trees
    In silver gown;
    Her mystic floating draperies
    The branches drown;... more »

  • Just A Woman

    YOU ask me why I love her;
    Not a charm can you discover!
    Would you see
    The heart that a shut rose is,... more »