• Autumn Eve

    The yellow poplar leaves have strown
    Thy quiet mound, thou slumberest
    Where winter's winds will be unknown;
    So deep thy rest,... more »

  • Brittania's Throne

    MIRROR of the trackless sky,
    Priestess of its changing mood,
    Ere thy shores were piled on high
    Thou didst feel God’s Spirit brood;... more »

  • Love's Palace

    IF the woodland and the heath,
    And the hedgerows thick with may,
    And the weed-flowers underneath,
    And the clambering honey-sheath,... more »

  • Of Glory

    WHO will persuade me that one perfect song
    Is not more glorious than a victor’s bays?
    I know not who. I ask because the phrase
    Runs lightly and the final words are strong.... more »

  • Of Taking Things Easy

    TELL me what boots to battle, when the end
    Is foreseen failure? What, by heaven, I ask—
    By bearded martyrs, and the holy cask
    Of papal comfort, what can struggle lend... more »

  • Rhapsody

    LOVERS, are you faring forth?
    Will you seek the icy north?
    Are you steering by the sun?
    Where you journey there is none... more »