• Dont Look Back

    dont look back,
    at the memories that haunt,
    the painful truth,
    so dark and so gaunt... more »

  • Doubts

    Pockets of empty spaces
    In my mind
    Filled with doubts and misgivings
    Like puddles... more »

  • Easy Tears

    you dont understand my tears,
    why my eyes fill so easily,
    its my heart
    I feel for all,... more »

  • Elusive Happiness

    how many precious years
    are spent looking everywhere
    for happiness
    when all the time... more »

  • Eternal

    A petal
    Dries up
    But still retains... more »

  • Everything Happens For A Reason

    just when you rack your brains,
    and ask why..oh why..
    it should strike you quick,
    and when it does, it makes you sigh...... more »

  • Eyes

    The windows of the soul
    Tell the truth
    Even while the lips lie... more »

  • Family Reunion....A Thanksgiving Prayer

    the house is almost full,
    the rooms abound with chatter,
    little feet are pattering away
    finally, the time that does matter,... more »

  • Farewell

    she lay lifeless,
    knocked down by a careless speeding car
    newly rich youngsters
    showing off their wealth... more »

  • Fiery Love

    I stare into the fire
    it signifies my desire

    leaping creeping and all red flames,... more »

  • Finally Alive

    It's always about you
    What you did
    Where you grew up
    What you feel... more »

  • Finally It Rains

    splittering splattering
    drops in a smattering,
    sometimes quiet
    sometimes chattering,... more »

  • For You My Sister

    sometimes, words are not enough
    to convey what is in my heart,
    as the years go by,
    distance has torn us apart,... more »

  • Forsaken

    Scented rain
    violates the parched earth,
    The leaves rustle in monotonous melody
    In tune with my weary heartbeats,... more »

  • Friends

    what would life be without friends?
    they are truly a gift, that God sends,
    helps to make life full of song,
    when you have a friend to sing along.... more »

  • From One Who Hurts

    think carefully before you speak
    just pause before you throw that dart,
    love cares, love feels, all too much,
    ah...that we all knew so well, this art,... more »

  • Gems In A Sea Of Humanity

    its a selfish world out there,
    filled with people who don, t really care,
    selfishness and selfcenteredness is the order of the day,
    care fully we have to map out, our way,... more »

  • Give Thanks

    when you are sad and weary,
    and nothing give you peace,
    just close your eyes,
    and think of Him,... more »

  • Guide To Conjugal Harmony...In A Lighter Vein

    why do couples often fight?
    mostly to convey...
    'I am the one who is right'
    its a pleasure to have the last word... more »

  • Heartfelt Gratitude

    Words do often fail me,
    Doubts sometimes assail me,
    How can I ever express,
    With what words do I profess... more »

  • Her Smile

    Her smile
    transported me to

    the. far reaches... more »

  • Hopelessness

    tortured twisted
    pop into my mind
    any time of the day and night... more »

  • How Blessed We Are

    When your dreams come true
    Time and again,
    When your fervent prayers
    have not been in vain,... more »

  • How Lucky We Are

    Do we ever really realise
    how very lucky we are?
    Living lives of comfort
    Removed from poverty by far.... more »

  • How Much Do You Love Me

    I look at you and think,
    do you love me even half as much as I do?
    every thought every moment
    is filled with only you..... more »