• Monsoons Back Home

    the rain talks to me...softly
    as it splatters down
    on the green grass,
    the rain talks to me knowingly,... more »

  • My Firstborn

    She sleeps so soundly
    Lost in her own world
    A special smile teasing those
    Petal like lips... more »

  • My Love For You

    I have loved you, forever, long and truly,
    silently, passionately, faithfully and surely,
    our life together, has been Gods answer to my prayer,... more »

  • My New Friend

    here in Turkey, I made such cute friends
    but this one is more cuter
    yes, my net friends
    you guessed so right,... more »

  • My Sunshine......(To My Daughter)

    my sunshine,
    came to me
    on a day that it poured with rain,
    a little bundle so beautiful, so defenseless,... more »

  • My Two Loves(My Children)

    Two sweet loves of my life,
    They complete me from within
    Innocence in their eyes,
    my own kith and kin,... more »

  • My Wish

    my wish
    to give love
    to get love
    thats what makes life worth living... more »

  • Nature At War

    the sky darkened alarmingly,
    dark clouds appeared
    the wind became icy
    a storm was imminnently feared... more »

  • No Place Like Home

    its great to be back
    after many places we did roam.
    no greater truth has been said,
    than..theres no place like home... more »

  • No Tears

    My heart weeps
    with the burden... more »

  • No Toys

    no toys,
    no colourful balls,
    no squeaking dolls
    to play with....... more »

  • Nothing Is Ours

    nothing is mine, yours or ours,
    all belongs to HIM
    HE bought us into this world
    HE will take us at his whim... more »

  • On Sarcasm

    A careless remark
    A word, a taunt
    Stays in our mind
    Continues to haunt... more »

  • On The Death Of Lassie (Our Pet Lab)

    I will never forget those eyes,
    as we took you to death, s door,
    twin pools of sadness and love,
    a calm acceptance... more »

  • On Zara My Pet Labrador

    So soulful
    Her eyes
    As they speak to me
    Of a love... more »

  • Perhaps

    Someday I shall
    Be able to portray
    the splendour of natures artistry... more »

  • Pray For Forgiveness

    I wish things were different,
    I wish it had not happened,
    those memories of chilhood, the love we shared,
    growing up together, but were we prepared?... more »

  • Queries In My Mind

    Was that
    a word or an arrow you pierced my heart with?
    was that
    happiness or sorrow I would start my life with?... more »

  • Rage

    causes commotion
    destructive emotion... more »

  • Reflect Awhile

    rest a while, take a pause,
    life jobs will never end,
    find the time, express your love,
    to a loved one or a friend.... more »

  • Rejuvenation

    Trampled upon
    The tender
    Green grass
    Turns brown and withered... more »

  • Retreat In The Hills

    I love
    to see
    the cottony clouds,
    as they conme sailing by,... more »

  • Roses On A Picket Fence

    I was walking along a road
    Rather irritable and tense,
    When suddenly I came upon
    a white picket fence... more »

  • Sepia Tinted Photos

    faded memories,
    in a faded book,
    forgotten photographs,
    and a startled look,... more »

  • Serenity On A Lazy Day

    just one of those days,
    nothing much to do
    let pending jobs take a back seat,
    and be a little lazy too.... more »