• Beauty Everywhere!

    Beauty rises when the Sun's rays sweep
    From the darkest deep in the morn.
    When the stars salute to their befitting king
    And the night finds her way back home!... more »

  • Greetings For Thee..!

    On dawn of the morn,
    Let thy charm unfit the Sun's beauty.
    Let thy charm hit the seeking
    Hearts that were blinking to... more »

  • Her Game!

    When her beams charm early the morn
    Over the most finest part of my heart.
    I see her colours dancing my eyes,
    Sensing my nerves & life a shine again!... more »

  • Let's Sail On Clouds

    Let's sail on clouds
    On dreams of love
    Onto greens of joy & peace.... more »

  • Life?

    Life a journey towards unknown destiny
    No one could step with thy heart thy thoughts
    All thru low pace waiting for something?
    A hope, must admit, it's thy path thy walk!... more »

  • That's Where My Heart Dwells!

    Yes, That's there my heart dwells!
    In thy fragrance of flowers & greens,
    Mountains, streams, rivers & rains
    Amidst the beauty that never fades,... more »

  • The Altruist

    Why are you like that?
    Like a bouquet of flowers.
    All virtues but thy servant.
    That's no good, be a bit wicked!... more »

  • The Ruler's Pride

    The cloudy days of Nature lie
    In the freezing winds of ruler's place.
    The cloudy shadow shed it's shade
    With sincere to her ruler's pride.... more »

  • Thou Art My...

    Thou art my beauty, my charm
    My love, my crush, my wish.
    I wanna tell you all these
    Where are you my 'Miss'?... more »

  • Wait River Wait...

    Wait river wait
    So cold & night.
    The moon is coming on the sky
    So fright with light.... more »