• After You

    The days has gone,
    The sweetness has gone
    but, the memories...
    it haunts... more »

  • Dream Walk

    They dreamed a dream
    To achieve
    They walked a walk... more »

  • Glance

    At her laughing glance
    there is an absolute ebreity
    behind eyelids,... more »

  • Hey To Liberty

    Hey Market is the witness of shredded blood
    And, the executed heads

    The last song, which... more »

  • Life

    When an unknowing loneliness
    haunting me
    I'll go upstairs
    With ice cubes in Glass... more »

  • She Creats

    Loneliness is curse, he said
    No, it's a privilege, she replied

    A village in a poem... more »

  • The Feet

    Feet started long march
    'yo' man you may amaze
    To see those feet
    Not for shedding blood... more »