• (under Construction)

    I heard of a girl
    With plain brown eyes
    And oh! So plain her hair
    Every place she used to go... more »

  • 67

    I wait for the measured footsteps
    At the outstep of my acceptance.
    As the docile, diffident steps draw near
    I open, accept and wait... more »

  • 68

    ... more »

  • At A Cafe

    As i compromise and settle
    into this moment of
    A frenzy of colours and lost souls;
    I feel a surreal calm... more »

  • Blind

    if i asked you
    would you be true
    and tell me it is but a dream.... more »

  • Coloured Chalk

    Unassuming, complacent;
    Without the need to announce;
    The pieces of chalk lie,
    on the brown, even table.... more »

  • Conveniently Blind

    Ever wondered
    Why we shut doors
    To what we want
    And willingly dive... more »

  • Fallen

    I look into its eyes and see contempt
    I see my eyes reflected upon
    A film of pity
    I see my eyes, and in them... more »

  • Flight

    God gave me wings
    and said 'Fly'.

    I gave up,... more »

  • For You, Richard Clive.

    i sit and stare
    at the wall staring back at me
    a myriad of pictures flash by
    i see my life, as the audience... more »

  • Freedom

    Unseen chains of steely resolute
    Bind her to the wings of freedom.
    Independant and unknown to
    intimidation, she reaches out... more »

  • He Says 'I'Ll Call...'

    He says,
    'I'll call you back.'
    The line's dead before
    the 'o' reaches 'k'.... more »

  • I Smile

    The sun shines
    Multiple colours of glory.
    I see you and me-
    Our story.... more »

  • Journeys

    I wander through
    crowded streets of your paralyzed brain
    psychotic hypnotic blur of smells and hues
    dust and rage, rust and age... more »

  • Lies

    I apologise.
    For I am not
    All that I claim to be.... more »

  • Love And Hate

    'I hate you',
    he said.

    I smiled.... more »

  • Lovers On The Sea

    Two starcrossed lovers
    Gazing at the stars
    Lunging, grasping for
    Sharp Silver moon beams.... more »

  • Mischievious

    One moment i steal.
    One moment of my own,
    I own.
    Oblivious to onlooking eyes... more »

  • More On Breaking

    And yet again
    I break him.
    Doing so,
    Break myself even more.... more »

  • My Defenses

    In my world of calm acceptance
    of all wrong and misery
    arrive a few words.
    They taunt me, question me,... more »

  • My Healing Process

    The world passes by
    All I see is a blur
    My senses dizzy
    I hear something stir... more »

  • New Year

    ... more »

  • Omega

    I am the end.
    For new beginnings
    Need the old to pass.
    The end of a time... more »

  • On Choices

    As i walk away
    From these walls that
    Breed mediocrity.
    Shunning the destiny... more »

  • On Defense Mechanisms

    What a pity!
    Their dreams are shackled,
    By chains of fear.
    The dread of the unconquered;... more »