• Appear

    It happen to be fast till I met you
    I’ve known your name, that’s all I do
    And time pass by I certainly know
    You’ve there when I’m feeling blue.... more »

  • Blue

    All I have to wish is you
    But I don’t have any clue
    To say that it may come true
    Loving you is all I have to do.... more »

  • Letter

    'Only friendship that I can give you' she said
    'And nothing much deeper than that care';
    'You must not wake up in the wrong side of the bed'
    Those words make me conclude on her letter.... more »

  • What?

    If you only knew what is in my mind,
    If you only feel what is in my heart;
    If you only notice the way I care,
    If you only hear me saying your name.... more »