• All Alone

    Alone... more »

  • All Because Of Global Warming

    Our sea level is rising all because of this
    And the thing that is being risked is our nature's bliss
    It is these ice glaciers melting all because of this
    And even we admire this, our we people so selfish... more »

  • But I Was Still Alive

    Those were the times of the war
    in the year 1996,
    we were on the boundaries,
    for the plan which was fix.... more »

  • Can't You

    Can't you listento your inner voice scream
    to find the country of our dream
    can't you seek out for the condition of our people
    just about thinking of this topic, makes me feel dull... more »

  • Darkness

    I was now all exhausted n it was getting late
    I didn't know where I was but I was moving straight
    I was losing it, my confidence seemed to disappear
    The Sun had already set, darkness now was there... more »

  • Examinations

    The days of tension
    Where there's no fun
    Only the work, only the studies to be done... more »

  • Family Is So Special

    Family is just so special
    We've got a family which we call our own
    Always standing with us even when we're alone
    They may feel bad for anything we say... more »

  • Freedom

    Those were the days, the last days of the East India company kingdom
    Today only because of the sacrifice of some great people, we have earned our freedom
    Those were the days of the rule of the English
    Puppet rulers were there, honest rulers were dismissed... more »

  • Friendship- A Simple Story

    Friendship is a simple story
    of which, the world can see the glory
    in this the main components are the friends
    and these friends make a helping hand extent... more »

  • Heat And Temperature

    There are three modes, three modes I repeat
    But three modes for what? For transfer of heat
    Convection, conduction and radiation namely
    And we will be talking about each... more »

  • Holidays


    Summer vacations are starting today... more »

  • Homework And Holidays

    Hey! Are you waiting forthe holidays
    If yes, then don't worry as they are very near
    Here comes are new session, here comes May
    But, what is this fear which drives you away... more »

  • I Won't Continue

    All the things are pending over here
    Only some to be done, you are very near
    I have not finished a thing
    What is to be done, is it everything... more »

  • It Was Just A Dream

    The last thing I recall is
    I laid on my bed yesterday night
    But where am I just trapped all alone,
    Just darkness in my sight... more »

  • Kindness

    Kindness dwells in the breath
    Towards the person who does regret
    Just a little bit of kindness
    Can work in a very great way... more »

  • Kite Flying

    Hey friends! It is time for celebration
    we all together will have lots of fun
    come, lets loot some of them, come fast, lets run
    this is all to be done... more »

  • Life Is All About Struggles

    Life is long, life is long lasting
    The struggles comin' along with this story are all everlasting
    A streak of struggles is always there awaiting you
    But life is given to one strong, a person inevitable n true... more »

  • Mothers Prayer

    She was the one who opened my life's door,
    She used to entertain me when I would be feeling bored,
    She took care of all my choices,
    But in return, I used to disturb her sleeps by making harsh noises.... more »

  • My Alien Friend

    Here comes my alien friend from the space
    After passing through a complicated maze
    He has just come to meet someone
    Has he come from within the Sun... more »

  • My Quest

    Here's back a quest, now what awaits
    Beyond these closed mysterious gates
    What's the adventure, where shall I go... more »

  • Natures Bliss

    Such a beautiful nature,
    god has given to us,
    starting from the unknown creatures,
    with an infinite boundary,... more »

  • Oh! These Rain Drops

    Oh! These cold drops of rain
    Which leaves Earthworms as their stain
    Drip Drip Drip, the water droplets fell
    I think you know that very well... more »

  • Our Mrs.

    You are the one
    Our own mathematician
    Studying with you is lots of fun
    For you, we are the rising sun... more »

  • Poverty

    Hey! What do you feel looking at those poor in their cottage of clay?
    Supported by a little bit ofhay
    No money to pay
    But never they lose the hope, a new morning, a new day... more »

  • Rain & Rainbow

    Waiting for the rain,
    Hard for the farmers to bear that pain,
    The crops have all died,
    In the hot sun, they all have dried.... more »