• Amazement

    Amazement is a mirror
    upon which I gaze longingly
    and without satisfaction
    or even a sliver of divinity... more »

  • Inexperienced

    A boy came up to me
    and said,
    'Your eyes shine like
    the moon.'... more »

  • Light And Dark

    An unwinnable war.
    A silent scream.
    A frozen stare.
    This is me hiding in the shadows.... more »

  • Love Is A Fountain

    Love is a fountain
    from which I drink as
    the leaves fall in the
    autumn... more »

  • Love Love

    I love love, it's so lovely
    I love loving love, being loved
    Loving others loving
    Feeling the love, I love the feeling... more »

  • Mixed Emotions

    There's a smile on my lips,
    And a tear in my eye.
    Your kiss makes me laugh,
    But your words make me cry.... more »

  • No End

    ... more »

  • Parents

    Parents are blankets
    that smother and
    stifle me,
    tucking tighter and tighter;... more »

  • Please Love Me

    Please don't say you love me
    Because I'm so in love with you
    Please don't whisper so tenderly
    Because it makes me want you... more »

  • Poetry Smells Like

    Poetry smells like fire
    Or the sun after the rain
    Like grandma's home-made cookies
    Or fresh-brewed lemonade.... more »

  • Pretty, With A Difference

    Tall and pale-skinned
    with long, jet black hair
    like the sky during a storm.
    Bright, illuminating blue eyes... more »

  • Rewind

    can't get out
    can't get away
    can't stop, can't change
    can't run, can't hide... more »

  • Save Me

    I try, but I just can't think straight
    I'm a little bit unnerved today
    It's growing dark, it's getting late
    I never did care anyways... more »

  • What Is Love?

    What is love? How to explain...
    Emotions that crash like drops of rain...
    A smile that glows on a moonlit night...
    A hand in the darkness that brings you a light...... more »

  • 'You'

    Your smile makes the sun shine bright
    Your eyes give grass its green
    Your hands make me feel warm and light
    And everywhere between.... more »