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An Ode To The Love Of 'My Love'

It all started with the first sight. I opened my eyes in a hazy primordial soup where millions of figurines were floating silently…………shimmering with the dreams, vowing to unchain the mercurial ballerina of reality.

I gazed at the sky through the veil of golden stream, through the mist of mysterious night. I stared at the mighty ocean till it jumped into an arid desert for hundreds of thousands of years and returned with a mischievous smile chanting "See how long I can hold my breath? "... more »

Something Survived

A boy was burnt alive
Scorched were the clothes, flesh vaporized
Even the bones transmuted to ashes
But something survived... more »

Flight Of The Wingless Bird

A wingless bird cannot fly
Cannot even see but the handful of sky
Will never know invisible trails in the sneaky air
No zephyr, no twister will ever lift it high... more »

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