• Twist the knife
    now i hold my soul by the neck
    It looks into my hollow eyes
    Torture.... so sweet... more »

  • Arrogance

    I know

    so it is the hues change
    and then sulk... more »

  • Autumn Leaf

    The old woman sits first
    Smiles and bades the child
    To sit by her side
    The child of maybe two... more »

  • She Asks Me Why

    I wish to taste the

    Rain on your lips
    and sweet shall be the memory... more »

  • Some Times I Feel (A Cliché)

    I lead a child by the finger
    And the on others
    I make love to a queen
    And in the end... more »

  • The Bonsai

    Now the fresh air
    And then the stink
    - of the living dead
    And my bonsai... more »