Im 15 have a dramatized life but i mean who doesnt? ? ? I go to Oscoda Area High i have many friends and an awesome Boyfriend whom i love to death i write about alot of things but i usually write poetry i like opinions on how ppl think about my poems!


Ash Skandarsky Poems

Two Halves Of The Same Coin

One friend goes left the other right,
Where should I go to the dark or to the light?
I hate how I dont feel like me...
I feel like I am torn apart like two enemies,... more »

My Number One Enemy

Why do I get jealous?
Why do I hate?
You’re my number one target,
How bad can I get?... more »

My Love

My heart burns for a name,
A name which I do not speak,
Yours to be exact.
I wish for you to notice my glances,... more »

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