• Bleeding Purple Rose

    Head deep purple
    Body green
    If you shall touch me I will make you bleed.
    Have you heard of love?... more »

  • Breathe

    Everything i thought, Everything you Brought.
    Was only a dream, lost in the dark,
    You ripped what was left of my heart.
    Thoughts of you and death now burns in my mind.... more »

  • Mass Murdering Bunny

    Say nothing, nothing at all,
    You told me what I wanted to hear,
    Now I can settle all of my worse fears.
    Now I know it’s you I can call.... more »

  • My Love

    My heart burns for a name,
    A name which I do not speak,
    Yours to be exact.
    I wish for you to notice my glances,... more »

  • My Number One Enemy

    Why do I get jealous?
    Why do I hate?
    You’re my number one target,
    How bad can I get?... more »

  • My Stares

    Do you notice the weight of my stares?
    The way I smile and know I care,
    I love you very much,
    It hurts to see you cry,... more »

  • Silently Bleeding

    Slowly my heart is breaking,
    My life is for the taking,
    Silent red tears fall.
    “I hate to say it but I’m dead,... more »

  • Stop My Heart

    I look up to the moon, I sigh and weep
    For I hear the words you have said once when
    The shadows stayed back, I let you in deep
    My heart and soul in which you have helped mend... more »

  • Two Halves Of The Same Coin

    One friend goes left the other right,
    Where should I go to the dark or to the light?
    I hate how I dont feel like me...
    I feel like I am torn apart like two enemies,... more »

  • Without You

    Without you here I always cry
    Without you here I am always thinking “why? ”
    I have thought about you so much,
    Your eyes, your voice, and every touch.... more »

  • Your The One, Your The Reason

    Your the one who makes me cry,
    Your the reason I start to lie.
    I'm so confused, I dont know what to do.
    Your the one that haunts my dreams,... more »