• At Last.

    I love it-
    When I shamelessly intrude into your sleep
    And talk many a sleep deprived night to morning.
    Darling, it's fun being a puzzle.... more »

  • Blunt

    you said you needed your space
    when you left.
    no tears. no 'good bye'.
    my bed canopied ny the void... more »

  • Mestengo*

    you intrude into my identity
    through the tiny wound of my gender
    and sow the seed of your ego
    in the womb of my melancholy... more »

  • Smile

    i smiled today.
    after a long time.
    now i smile and i smile
    and tell everyone i am happy.... more »

  • Things Unsaid.

    Give me nothing to expect, Krishna;
    Be elusive always.
    Still, your Radha shall wait here
    On the banks of this Yamuna... more »

  • Woman

    Paint my sorrow with your indifferece
    And stamp on my ego with your rude manhood
    Hunt me down with your male pride
    There you lie... more »