I love to write poems and i figured, why not share them with people? ! ? ! any comments, as long as they are true, are greatly appreciated! i generally write about my feelings and tend towords writing about guys. i have tons of poems and songs stuffed in my drawer upstairs that i plan to dig up and type up :)


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Stupid Love Poems

Why do I write poems,
To tell you how I feel?
Why is this all so hard,
Why can’t I just be real?... more »

One More Minute

If I had just one more day
One more day to spend with you.
One more time to look at you
To feel you... more »

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Alisha Mansell 02 Nov 2011 11:54
Wow ummm where to start...ummm ok so first off let me tell you that you are an amazing poet, don't let anyone tell you that your not because you are! (: and second I love all your poems they are fantastic I wrote them down so I can read them without Internet. I hope you still write poems and always will! (: (p.s my favorite poems were 'stupid love poems' and 'I'm sorry mom' those ones I love)