• Ashlee

    for every girl who throws up in the toilet
    and every one who can't look in the mirror
    do you feel a tinge of regret?
    for every word you used to say... more »

  • Ashlee Your An Angel

    A new day to write about
    A new moment to lie about
    I am sick of fighting blind
    I am sick of not getting mine... more »

  • D*a*v*i*d

    D-is for deliver
    You delivered me from death
    You helped me through bad times
    David your the best... more »

  • David

    David we have had some good times
    and we have had some bad.
    We have had some trippy times,
    trippin' with just you and me.... more »

  • If Tears Could Talk

    If my tears could talk,
    What would they display?
    Thousands of words,
    Not difficult to say... more »