• A Boy

    All Thats Left Was The Sex
    Its The Only Memories I Have Of You
    There Was No More Love
    Just The Sex... more »

  • Complicated

    I sit And Wonder If This Is Right,
    I Think To Myself And Remember,
    I Remember All The Pain Ive Been Given,
    And The Pain I Have Gave To Others,... more »

  • Corrupt

    As We Venture To The Unkown,
    We Ask Ourselves If We Will Make It All The Way.
    Some Wanting To Make It,
    Some Wanting Their Lives To End Now,... more »

  • Deal With It

    This so called home,
    It feels like hell,
    I hate it here,
    Get new pains everyday,... more »

  • Empty Road

    As these roads get empty,
    As the houses get abandoned,
    I still sit all alone,
    Thinking to myself,... more »

  • Friends Forever

    Two Girls Just Wanting To Have Fun,
    Not Caring Of What People Think,
    Letting Their Friendship Glow,
    Promising Each Other They Will Be Friends Forever,... more »

  • Gave You Everything

    I Gave You Everything,
    My Heart Body And Soul,
    I Thought You Were Special,
    Now I Know I Was Wrong,... more »

  • Hoping To Survive

    I'm Crying Deep Inside
    Nobody Knows How I Feel
    Hiding Everything With A Fake Smile
    Tears Flow When I Am Alone... more »

  • How It Used To Be

    Begging To Be In Your Arms,
    Missing You Like Crazy,
    Missing Your Touch,
    Loving Your Smell,... more »

  • Living The Lie

    Tired of hurting inside,
    You dont see when she is hurting,
    Everyone makes life seem easy,
    Feeling the pressure to keep it all inside,... more »

  • Please Remember

    As These fake Smiles Confuse You,
    As these Years Pass By,
    I Sit Here And Wonder Why,
    What Have I Done Wrong To Piss The World Off... more »

  • Thank You All

    No One Can hear Me Calling,
    No One Understands My Pain,
    You See These Eyes And Misjudge Me,
    You See My Smiles Thinking Their Real,... more »

  • Two Teens(A Story)

    ... more »

  • Unanswered

    She Sits There All Alone In Her Room,

    Crying Away Her Pain,... more »