• A List Of What To Expect

    This is a list
    Of what to expect
    From me to you
    With love and respect... more »

  • A True Friend

    A true friend never walks away
    A true friend will always stay
    A true friend looks out for you... more »

  • All For You

    I have nothing left
    My road is a dead end
    So I'm going to crash
    On life's next bend... more »

  • Angel

    Someone asked me if I had an angel
    And I told them “yes I do”
    They asked me who my angel was
    And I told them it was you... more »

  • As They

    As they watch
    As I die... more »

  • But Deep Down, I Wish

    All those times I cried for you,
    You never came
    Out of all the sports I played
    You never showed up at one game... more »

  • Cold Black Stone

    Cold black stone
    Left me standing here all alone
    A road I’ve found no end
    So many bumps and turns ... more »

  • Cut

    the cut
    the tighten fist
    the anger at one
    the need to yell... more »

  • Daddy, Where Are You?

    daddy where are you?
    who are you?... more »

  • Dear God

    There is a great deal of depression that has overtaken my soul,
    It floods deep within, into every inch that makes me whole.
    I wonder and worry of thought throughout the day,
    What is to come, to my dismay.... more »

  • Did It Again

    Don't try and save me
    I just want you to see
    Alone in this fight
    Struggle as I might... more »

  • Doesn'T Matter

    When you look at me, what is it you see?
    Or am I something, you don’t want me to be?
    When I place my hand upon you, what is it you feel?
    Or is it just something, you’d rather not have to deal?... more »

  • Everything

    It took so long to learn that he's my everything.
    Through fights and lonely nights
    He's still my everything
    He stole my heart and I didn't realize... more »

  • For Every Child

    For every child who cries at night
    Alone with shame in pain and fright

    For every child who wants so much... more »

  • Forever Friends

    Sometimes in life,
    you find a special friend;
    Someone who changes your life
    just by being part of it.... more »

  • Go Back

    Million have it
    But it seems like
    I’m the only one... more »

  • Good Times And Bad

    You’ve been there for me
    Through the good times and bad
    I know I can count on you
    To be there when I’m sad... more »

  • I Am

    I am driven,
    Often crippled, by fear.... more »

  • I Am Poetry

    I just write,
    When I want to.
    When I feel the need.
    Word by word, I proceed.... more »

  • I Am Sorry

    Everything you said and did was right for me,
    I can’t discern why I failed to see.
    Your disciplinary action was your patter of correction,
    Could it have been that I felt guilt and contrition?... more »

  • I Forgot The Truth

    As I put the razor to my skin,
    I feel the adrenalin,
    The pain is a sudden rush to me
    As the blood falls to the floor... more »

  • I Remember The Days

    I remember the days
    When we were so young
    Singing songs
    And having some fun... more »

  • I Was Sitting Here Thinking

    I was sitting here thinking
    Of the words I wanted to say
    But they just wouldn’t come out right
    So I found a different way... more »

  • If One Day You Weren'T There

    I don’t always how you that I love you
    I don’t always show you how much I care
    But I just don’t know how I’d cope
    If one day you weren’t there... more »

  • In My Pocket

    I wrote you a note
    And stuck it in my pocket
    My mom washed my jeans
    And I thought I lost it... more »