• Dust To Dust

    ... more »

  • Incomplete

    I woke this morning 
    And you were gone
    Smell on your pillow
    Still lingered strong... more »

  • Inside

    They say I'm older now
    All grown up, figured out
    They say I've learned a trick or two
    Nothing left to feel brand new... more »

  • Medicine

    See through words
    Paper thin
    Feel the darkness
    Closing in... more »

  • Prying Eyes

    I see them
    Kissing heads
    Holding hands across the dinner table... more »

  • Snowflake

    Warm breath on my cheek
    On a cold winters day
    Is death to a flake
    That fluttered astray... more »

  • Sunday Morning Melancholy

    Every now and again, I awake unprepared
    To Sunday morning melancholy that hangs in the air
    Where arms once wrapped around me, tenderly, with care
    My comforter gives little comfort and no warmth to wear... more »

  • The Fight

    Sometimes I think I started that fight
    Because I knew you would run
    We both know that you were right to say
    I couldn't finish what I'd begun... more »

  • Trouble

    Trouble seems to follow
    Everywhere that I go
    Can't manage to shake Him
    He's attached himself so... more »

  • Two Weeks

    There was a point
    When time flew by
    Don't ask why
    Blink of the eye... more »