• Because Of You

    I am confused
    hating myself
    Hating everyone around me
    for the same reason itself... more »

  • Blame

    All night, everyday
    Always being blamed for something I never do or say
    I guess, it's your way of showing how much you care...
    I didn't do anything!... more »

  • Coming For You

    Warm glance, Fake smile
    Eyes meet, Your mind runs wild
    This game you play with me,
    I like it in a way... more »

  • Daddy

    little child, come out and play
    come out and play, with daddy
    pretty child, my minds twisted in many ways
    come on out, daddy wants to play... more »

  • Holding On

    I can't replace, your beautiful face
    Shinning when no light is near
    And being alone is what you fear
    Polished you shimmer and shine... more »

  • Meant To Be

    Feeling all my hate
    When we come face to face
    Can't control this rage
    let me out of this cage... more »