• I Said Leave

    I told you not to talk to me
    I told you to leave
    But you can back
    And expect sex... more »

  • I Thought

    I thought you were mine
    I thouhgt you would be with me untill the end of time
    I gave you my heart
    I trusted you... more »

  • Im So Confused

    Im sorry if i was rude
    Its just im feeling bad
    And somtimes i have an attitude
    I might get you mad... more »

  • Im Sorry Baby

    I hope we can stay together
    And noone will come in between
    I want to be with you forever
    I love you so much i wanna make a scene... more »

  • Is This Love

    Im so confused
    I think im getting feelings for some boy
    But im scared im going to be used
    And played like a toy... more »

  • Just Another Broken Heart

    I dont beleive in tears
    I dont beleive in fears
    I dont beleive in love
    I dont beleive in you... more »

  • Life-Moving Foward

    ... more »

  • Loving Somebody

    Ive been longing for your touch
    To feel your soft smooth skin
    I want to kiss you so much
    I dont know how to deal with it... more »

  • My Answer To You

    I love you
    Dont get me wrong
    I really really do
    Ive been waiting for this day for so long... more »

  • My Baby

    Loving my baby
    What could i say
    You make me go crazy
    Each and everyday... more »

  • So Long Boy

    My heart is torn
    And stabbed with a thorn
    I thought it was love
    But it was fake... more »

  • Talk If You Want

    People talk behind your back
    Because they know it hurts
    Sometime you might think its wack
    But thats how your life will curve... more »

  • The Day I Met You

    The day I met you
    you caught me by surprise
    I never knew you existed,
    I wanted you to be mine... more »

  • The Stranger That I Love

    Im in love with a stranger
    He is unknown
    I hope my heart isnt in danger
    Because i dont know him all the way... more »

  • The Way It Is

    Sometimes it hurts
    The things you say
    The way you make me feel
    The wrong way... more »

  • Why, Do You

    Why do you talk to me?
    Why do you care?
    I bet you cant see
    Our love is rare... more »

  • You, Yourself, And Noone Else

    When we are together
    I feel relief
    Because I know you’re not with another girl
    You’re with me... more »