I fell in love with writing at a young age, and as a lover of words what was to be expected? My grandmother told me ever since I could scribble on paper and read to her the story of the curly-q's, that literature was my calling. My 8th grade year I took a poetry class where I learned how to express myself, and have ever since fell in love of the feeling of the pen in my hand. Today, I couldn't go a day without poetry and have ever since appreciated the words of a poet. Oh, and not to mention it was that poetry teacher who introduced me to this site. I must agree with Nicholas Sparks as 'Poetry wasn't written to be analyzed; it was meant to inspire without reason, to touch without understanding...Poetry brings great beauty to life.' For our generation today, life moves by at the speed of light and not a moment is taken to appreciate the wonder and beauty of the world, much less reminisce on past experiences. Careers take the place of family, and the little moments that really make life worth living are being forgotten. Due to this I am a lover of country music and the life, love, and hope that are conveyed throughout its lines. I also am a devotee to pretty much anything having to do with romance (esp. movies) . Therefore, most of my poems will be about all types of love, requited and unrequited..the works. I hope you enjoy! ♥


Ashley Hart Poems

Wayward Heart

What is love but an ardor emotion
A treasure of the heart
Searching for a true loves kiss, such pure devotion
Wishing to seldom be apart... more »

Drifting Love

Two lovers once together
One day drift apart
To later in the future
Sail back into each other's hearts... more »

If Only

I try but can't seem to get myself to think of anything but you
Your sweet gentle words race through my mind
All I can see is the vision of us two... more »

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