• 1 Corinthians 13

    ... more »

  • Drifting Love

    Two lovers once together
    One day drift apart
    To later in the future
    Sail back into each other's hearts... more »

  • If Only

    I try but can't seem to get myself to think of anything but you
    Your sweet gentle words race through my mind
    All I can see is the vision of us two... more »

  • Mine Own

    'Dear saint, I am wanting of thy love'
    A paradoxical emotion, a blessing from above
    Together we'd have compassion
    A gift not meant to ration... more »

  • Pink Wine

    I remembered the day when we were walking down the shoreline
    Our feet getting wet
    The horizon turned to pink wine
    And the sun started to set... more »

  • Treasure

    I love you with my whole heart
    That's nothing but the truth
    Whether as friends or as lovers
    Two souls never gone askew... more »

  • Wayward Heart

    What is love but an ardor emotion
    A treasure of the heart
    Searching for a true loves kiss, such pure devotion
    Wishing to seldom be apart... more »